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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trump know why
Mon Mar 30 14:27:39
NYC is running short on face masks:
Mon Mar 30 14:58:15
” Trump noted suspiciously that hospitals are now asking for many more masks than they used to, before the coronavirus appeared. “How do you go from [10,000] to 20,000 masks [prior to the pandemic] — to 300,000…” he said, “Something’s going on. And you ought to look into it as reporters. Where are the masks going? Are they going out the back door? ”

Mon Mar 30 15:08:54
Maybe the nurses and doctors are selling the masks on the black market to make some extra money!! Fox News needs to look into this.
large member
Mon Mar 30 15:44:11
Thats the exact kind of thing that should not be speculated. 330 million people needing health care and god know how many billion items of disposable hospital articles.

Of course some have fallen off the back of the truck or been sold by dishonest staff.

But the number is so small is the be laughable to even mention, but dangerous if it gets traction because it undermines health care efforts.

And actual problem is people walking in, and walking off with that type of supplies.
Mon Mar 30 15:57:29
I’m thinking that a hospital is using a whole lot of masks per day. Ideally, one nurse/doctor change mask several times per day. So having a supply of 300k masks is not strange if this crisis drags on for weeks and months.

France bought 1 billion masks the other day.
Mon Mar 30 16:16:07
Single use masks is terrible for the environment. Cant believe they cant make washable masks.
Mon Mar 30 18:14:50
Trump likely threw this out there to cover his ass if he lets them run out of masks. His followers will all agree that he's doing it out of concern for the country.
the wanderer
Mon Mar 30 18:49:26
Trump has the courage & leadership to accuse people of crimes without evidence
Mon Mar 30 19:12:16
Going on a bit of a tangent but some supplies were low before this all started. Surgical gowns were in short supply because the gowns we usually get from China were not made from cloth that passes requirements for sterile areas. Other problems also caused concern that shortages could happen. I was watching this pretty close because some places were limiting certain types of surgeries and I was scheduled for a total knee replacement.
We were already low on a bunch of this stuff so of course a pandemic is causing shortages.
Tue Mar 31 05:28:44
Not claiming to be a Psychologist or Behavior Scientist. But in the 8 years I worked at the jail, I did observe some commonalities among many inmates.
One of the common traits was to accuse others of the very thing they are guilty of, or would do without blinking an eye.
For instance, calling others 'Rat'. Being on the other side of the bars, I did get to know who the rats were. Many of them were the ones accusing others being a rat.
Maybe it's just human nature.
large member
Tue Mar 31 05:41:11
The Norwegian stimulous packages are starting up.

Financed mostly by State obligations

This means a buyback of Norwegian kroner. The stimulous packages are in local currency. The Norwegian Central bank has just upped its daily buy amount significantly.

Talk to your broker. The obligations are interest bearing against the backdrop of an appreciating nkr.

It is a good investmen opportunity if you have cash (I would not advise liquidating stocks to do this. For those - sit tight for a few years and ignore your paper losses if you are in index or sector funds. Direct stock investments - well, there you have to weigh the chances of chapter 11 liquidating your stocks for you at a fraction or no money back).
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