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Utopia Talk / Politics / More than 40 spring breakers positive
Thu Apr 02 01:14:12

More than 40 spring breakers who ignored public health advice test positive for coronavirus

"(CNN) — Dozens of spring breakers from Texas boarded a plane for fun and came home with coronavirus.

About 70 people in their 20s chartered a plane from Austin, Texas, to Mexico for spring break two weeks ago. They went against the advice of White House officials who asked that people avoid gathering in groups of more than 10 and nonessential air travel.

Now 44 of those people have tested positive for coronavirus -- all of them University of Texas at Austin students, a university spokesman told CNN on Wednesday.

An elected official had a blunt message for the spring breakers.

"Quit being an a**," Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen told CNN affiliate KXAN. "Get over yourselves. Whether you think this is an issue or not, it is. Whether you think it could affect you or not, it does. The reality of it is, if I'm a college kid who's going to spring break in Mexico, you're affecting a lot of people. Grow up.""


We should make them all fight in a real life battle royale like the hunger games. The winner gets a roll of toilet paper for surviving and then gets shot in the head because they're all fucking idiots that deserve to die.
Thu Apr 02 01:26:44
If they have infected their parents and grand parents and if they die, this is homicide.
Thu Apr 02 02:05:01
"We should make them all fight in a real life battle royale like the hunger games."

You mean like in Battle Royale. Ugh.
Thu Apr 02 02:34:06
good, let them die.
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