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Utopia Talk / Politics / (OT) Happy Easter?
Fri Apr 03 04:10:02
I have been looking to buy a new lens for my Fujifilm X-series camera, a zoom lens (55-200 mm). I'm used to shoot with wide and standard angle prime lenses but I want a long telephoto lens so I can create a nice compression in my images.

I don't celebrate Easter but I was thinking to buy it for Easter as a present for myself because I have been working so hard. Conveniently, as a bonus now in Corona times, a long telephoto lens will also able me to keep my distance to other people.

But, it feels like we are heading into a huge recession. People all over are being laid off. In the US alone, 10 millions has lost their jobs just recently, and if the US is heading into a massive recession like that of the Great Depression in the 1930s, and with 200,000+ dead and maybe 20–50 million(???) unemployed people in the US alone it is going to affect the entire world and my little country too.

So maybe I should hold on to my moneys and save it for when things are back to normal again. Or should I be a good citizen, back the economy by keep consuming and buy that lens and have fun? But what if shit happens and if I have to eat noodles with breadcrumbs for months? Having a lens doesn't help when you are hungry.
Fri Apr 03 04:17:41
"Or should I be a good citizen, back the economy by keep consuming and buy that lens and have fun?"

Buy something from Italy. Buy a megaton of tomatoes that come from China but have been labeled as Italian.
Fri Apr 03 04:22:19
I regularly buy crushed tomatoes from Italy for my pasta sauces. Not a megaton but maybe half a kilo to a kilo per month, which is not that much actually.
Fri Apr 03 04:51:59
The markets are pricing in a recession Paramount, not a depression. This won't exactly be a V-shaped recovery because of ongoing social distancing needed to stop the virus but the economy should start to accelerate once we have a vaccine. But we may see a faster recovery than expected if a massively-available quick-test for the disease is available or better treatment strategies dramatically lower the hospitalization rate.

Spend responsibly but also live life. Now's a good time to enjoy things because almost everywhere is empty.

I think we have a strong recession that Trump could possibly make into a depression by being even more of a fucktard. I'd say it's about 70% recession, 30% depression at this point.
Fri Apr 03 06:07:20
"Spend responsibly"

The responsible me says don't spend money on unnecessary things.
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