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The Children
Fri Apr 03 11:00:20
i received resident evil 3 yesterday and today, i have finished the game TWICE already.

im as hardcore as they can get. god damn what a beast i am.
Fri Apr 03 11:02:03
The reviews say its worse than RE2. What say you. The one time I actually remotely care about your opinion.
Wrath of Orion
Fri Apr 03 11:03:49
When soliciting the TC multi's opinion, please remember he's lying about owning these games. He only watches others play them on streams.
Fri Apr 03 11:16:39
It's a short game. That is not a hardcore thing to do. It's a boring thing to do.
The Children
Fri Apr 03 13:28:46
its a good game, theres more action than re2 obviously.

only problem is, it is shorter than re2 and alot of da story is replaced by cutscenes.

good replayability for points and this time u buy weapons usin those points, so u dunt have 2 do those crazy s rank no save runs nomore.

now finally u too can do infinite rocket launcher games in resident evil.

that my next goal. only 60k points needed for da infinite rocket launcher. i have 1k at da moment.

coz i spend 16k buyin 3 coins, extra hip pouch and a craftin machine thing that gives me more crafty ammo...

it definitely short for a resident evil game, but a whole lotta more actiones.

heres hopin they have some secret missions with secret characters and shit just like re2.

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