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Utopia Talk / Politics / Some good news on Covid-19
Sat Apr 04 07:04:00
1.Several promising medical treatments are already in use.

A.zpac and the malaria drug ( not fish cleaner)

B. The same thing replacing a space with doxycyclin could work too, so far so good but not tested outside one hospital.


2. How many ventilators could we need? We seem to be making ALOT, enough that ot seems unlikely that any new major Breakouts will really lack them.

The major car companies are cranking out a lot themselves plus many smaller companies are making tens of thousands.

Also many non working vents. Are beimg repaired and others fit.to ne used on up to 4 people if needed.

3. About labs has a 15 minutes test already being used to quickly diagnose.Many others are making similar tests.

4. Many vaccines are being produced in the hopes that they will.work. Johnson and Johnson said they could have one in 5 months.

Also ive hears that Organic carrots and clean water is not only effective for cancer but may work for the virus as well.
Wrath of Orion
Sat Apr 04 09:43:07
Fast-tracked vaccines for a virus family that is prone to vaccine amplification. Sure, what could go wrong there?
Sat Apr 04 09:57:05
” How many ventilators could we need? ”

Maybe tens of thousands!!
Average Ameriacn
Sat Apr 04 10:05:36
Ventilators, fine, but my neighbor told me that the Bible is sold out at Walmart, does nobody care?
Sat Apr 04 10:08:39
Paramount, One small company in Boston is making 60k/month. That's not even counting the other small companies or even the auto industry, I think by the next big hotspot we should be much better off.
Sat Apr 04 11:14:53
"One small company in Boston is making 60k/month"

You're a true believer


Three weeks ago Tyler Mantel didn’t really know what a ventilator was.

He’s now hoping the FDA lets him show how fast a learner he is by signing off on the ventilator his Boston nonprofit has made — and he has plans to produce upwards of 60,000 of the desperately needed machines a month by the end of the summer.
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