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Utopia Talk / Politics / Could the virus originate from Italy?
Sun Apr 05 01:42:46
Apparently, Italians eat cheese with live maggots in it. I don't think God intended us to do this:

In 2009, the Guinness World Records dubbed casu marzu the most dangerous cheese in the world, specifically pointing out the threats it poses to “human health.” When you come face to face with a round it’s not hard to see why.

A Sardinian specialty made by allowing cheese skipper flies to lay thousands of eggs in a wheel of pecorino, casu marzu is served with a host of tiny yet visible larvae alive and writhing in it. (Dead maggots are a sign that the cheese has gone bad.) When you scoop some of the creamy-mealy cheese out of the rind and make to eat it, the maggots protect themselves by coiling up like organic springs and leaping up to half a foot away from danger, all too often onto your face.

Some people chill their casu marzu to slow the larvae down, while others place it in an airtight container to suffocate them to death just before eating it to avoid maggoty sparks flying all over. But of course, the grubs are still there.

No one is sure of the exact levels of risk associated with eating this putrid cheese (casu marzu’s literal translation). But food scientists note that letting flies play in dairy risks contaminating it with nasty bacteria like salmonella, and that maggots, as they work through the cheese, produce cadaverine and putrescine, compounds that can be toxic in high doses. They can also trigger allergic reactions in some and survive stomach acid only to set up shop in people’s intestines, causing intestinal myiasis, an afflication that causes abdominal pain, fever, vomiting, gastric legions, anal itch, and bloody or maggoty diarrheic shits — hence the most dangerous cheese in the world moniker.


"No one is sure of the exact levels of risk associated with eating this putrid cheese"

Yup. No one knows yet if covid-19 may come from the maggots or not. It may be a unknown defense mechanism that the maggots have that we haven't discovered yet.
Sun Apr 05 02:38:29
Don't try to fool me with your cheesy maggotry. I've never heard of defensive viruses.
Sat May 02 10:46:42
Doesn’t the US have a naval base in San Fransisco?

A naval base with sailors who travel from San Franasico to places all around the world?

Look at this poop map: http://www...-than-ever-all-time-high-vgtrn

The entire San Fransisco is buried under a mountain of turd.

A mountain of turd. US navy sailors. Virus and germs. And they travel all around the world and maybe spreading diseases? So maybe the Corona virus originates from this mountain of turd in the US?

The UN should open up an investigation on it, and maybe send WHO there to take samples for testing. China’s security service should also investigate to see if the US can be held responsible.
Sat May 02 10:57:09
Paramount, don't you guys eat rotten fish? Or is that only the Norwegians.
smart dude
Sat May 02 11:01:26
rotten fish is famously a swedish thing. not sure where seb got Norway, though they probably eat that nasty shit too
Sat May 02 11:02:03
Very few people actually eats that stuff. The US can investigate the Surströmming if they want to, if they suspect that the Corona virus comes from it.
Sat May 02 11:22:25
Paramount, We don't. We blame China. I have no authority to speak for the US but oh well.

They crank out plagues like we crank out mass shootings.
Sun May 03 06:58:29
Smart Dude:

Norway, Greenland and Iceland are particularly famous for it - it's origin is a preservation method in the higher arctic - I know more Southern areas have an analogue where an alternative methods for making lutfisk are ... less extreme.

In Bergen they also do this deeply distressing thing where they take salted lamb or mutton ribs and steam them, eating them with glutinous potato based dumplings, while they drink schnaps. I assume the latter to blot out the culinary horror of the former. But I understand that's fairly local to that bit of Norway.

Jergul can no doubt advise.
Sun May 03 07:00:31
Habebe: having 3 billion people will do that. Diseases need people to emerge, so you'd kind of expect about half of new diseases emerge in China. Add in South East Asia and yeah, basically the diseases will come from there.
Sun May 03 07:05:15
Actually, lutefisk isn't fermented (just smells like it), it is indeed the Swedes that ferment the fish. Insanity.
Sun May 03 07:12:32
Sen, Yeah, people living in closer proximity has been problematic health wise forever. Iirc its why your people came up with the first really modern sewer system.
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