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Utopia Talk / Politics / Nut job State politicians ?
Tue Apr 07 09:35:24
How many of you have elected state representatives as goofy as Maine's Larry Lockman?

Tue Apr 07 10:54:18
Facebook and twitter in addition with Fox News made it easier for nutters to repeat lies to themselves nonstop without any check.
Tue Apr 07 11:48:48
I'm not sure what you find to be so disagreeable with his words. This IS martial law lite, and progressives ARE using the virus as an excuse to try and enact their own radical agenda.

For anyone who is skeptical about the latter point, here's a reminder of what Pelosi's virus "relief" bill included:

-GND for the airline industry
-More free money for everyone
-Partial student loan forgiveness
-Cancellation of presidential executive orders that were considered "hostile" to public sector unions
-Federally-required paid sick leave
-$15 minimum wage requirement for any company receiving federal assistance
-Partial federalization of the electoral process

Democrats never let a good crisis go to waste.
Tue Apr 07 15:26:40
Don't forget the rush to free criminals... Somehow claiming they will be safer in their densely populated shithole ghettos(where people are disproportionately dying from COVID-19) than in state custody where I think like 0 people have died from the disease.
Tue Apr 07 15:28:00
Anyway, we had a local politican who claimed that COVID-19 stood for Chinese Origination Viral Infectious Disease or something like that and support Trump calling it the Chinese virus.

He later backtracked and apologized, but I think deep down he still thinks its true.
Tue Apr 07 16:26:02
We have Lindsey Graham... Nuff said.

On a side note. I finally got ps1 games to play in my.phone so ill be busy quarantining for a while.
Tue Apr 07 20:55:35
Plus Governor McMaster sou d's identical* to Foghorn legion.

Serious, youtube him.
Tue Apr 07 21:58:53
"Don't forget the rush to free criminals"

Speaking of that, lulz @ River City police crying that a guy who defended himself in a botched raid on the wrong address while his naked girlfriend was shot to death was released to his home pending charges/trial
Tue Apr 07 22:18:48
Cuckservatives show how a good offense will cover for corruption.

"GND for the airline industry" - So?
"More free money for everyone" - LoL, Mitch McConnell was on the Senate floor talking about free money for everyone.
"Partial student loan forgiveness" - So?
"Cancellation of presidential executive orders that were considered "hostile" to public sector unions" - So?
"Federally-required paid sick leave" - You don't want this? Are you that cucked? Jesus Christ Rugian ...
"$15 minimum wage requirement for any company receiving federal assistance" - So?
"Partial federalization of the electoral process" - You mean requirements for mail-in-voting for a pandemic that will be ongoing for 2 years? Yeah, it's a fucking good idea.

Literally everything you said is a good idea. Only a totally brainwashed person would think it's bad.

And in addition to that, Trump has done shit like:

-Suspend enforcement of the EPA because his corporate cronies need even more bailout
-Fire multiple inspector generals because fuck oversight, his Hotels need a bailout.
-Use his press conferences to spread misinformation and as campaign rallies. Why the fuck is the MyPillow guy at a press conference?

Fucking cuckservatives are literally brainwashed.
Tue Apr 07 22:25:10
A bill designed to give checks to people that the government deprived of jobs should have been two pages long.
Tue Apr 07 22:45:17
I seem to remember people slanting a certain way disagreeing with me on the claim that the stimulus bill was wildly out of order.
Wed Apr 08 00:44:07
I agree with Forwyn for once. Bring on Universal Basic Income and not this half-assed bullshit. Jack up the taxes on the boomers and people that are squatting on assets and stealing from future generations and pay for a UBI.

Don't do this half-assed bullshit of one month to buy the votes of some fucktards in the Arksansas.
Wed Apr 08 06:34:31
Hood, Trump has taken care of the wildly out of order problem. He just fired the person that was supposed to make things accountable. What you don't know won't hurt you.
Wed Apr 08 06:37:02
Hood: http://www...-inspector-general-11586277895
Wed Apr 08 09:24:58

Free money- I'm actually cool with the free money. Trump probably loves it too.

"Partial student loan forgiveness" - So?

This is pretty good too. That said I think certain degrees from certain institutions*** should be subsidized anyway. Not these BS fake colleges though.

Idk enough about the public union bit to comment.

Paid sick leave... Again, good stuff.

"$15 minimum wage requirement for any company receiving federal assistance" - So?

This Im notnsure about. My concern would be that more rural area small businesses couldnhave issues with this depending on how it's handled. If the assistance would cover say a pay raise for such companies, then yes it's a good thing.

"Partial federalization of the electoral process" - This if done.properly should have already been done, elections should be more standardized.

All in all, these actually seem pretty reasonable.

HOWEVER, I agree with forwyn that we should have just handled for now giving people checks , hort and sweet.
Wed Apr 08 10:13:37
Sure, subsidize it for rural areas, whatever. It will give people big incentive to move to empty spaces in the middle of America. We can't have a country just with coastal cities. And it would make people less desperate for environmentally disastrous jobs like oil drilling which are boom and bust anyways. $15 is a very nice wage in the middle of Arkansas for example.

Let's have a real discussion and get something going instead of getting raped by corporations again.

Let's go over the last 20 years of history.


Bush passes big tax cut that is across the board but the super rich benefit the most. The super rich then gamble it away in real estate and we have to bail them out.

Trump passes big tax cut mainly for the super rich. It goes mainly to stock buybacks and dividends. These same companies all now need a big bailout.

Ignore all the bullshit about social issues; the only thing that matters is the bottom line. Republicans just keep raping us economically and people get distracted by all this other bullshit.
Wed Apr 08 10:38:56
Dukhat, I agree we need to work on more than just coastal cities

Honestly, the biggest failure of the GOP in modern times. IMO is Louisiana. If you look at the economy of Louisiana it should be a well off state, good natural resources, ports , location etc.

The GOP has had a lock down on state politics and dropped the ball.
Wed Apr 08 21:56:22
""$15 minimum wage requirement for any company receiving federal assistance" - So?
"Partial federalization of the electoral process" - You mean requirements for mail-in-voting for a pandemic that will be ongoing for 2 years? Yeah, it's a fucking good idea."

These are both horrid ideas. The first could not be walked back meaning a minimum federal wage of $15. A federal minimum wage was a bad idea to start and any increase would make the bad idea even worse. Requiring a local living wage might be a good idea. A cookie cutter approach the federal minimum wage would bring is a horrible horrible idea.
The 2nd takes away from a very basic state right to run elections as they see fit. The Supreme Court ruled on this type of thing back when hanging chads were all the craze. Each state gets to decide how they want to run their elections and that is how it should be.
Some temporary suspensions of states rights might be called for in a time of crisis but changes that can't be walked back should not be allowed nor tolerated.
Wed Apr 08 22:09:57
Kargen, I don't know what the big deal with the election thing is. Federal elections, federal standardized rules.

Personally I think we should abolish minimum wage laws and just run a negative income tax in lieu of most* social programs as well.
Wed Apr 08 22:32:30
While I agree with Kargen in theory, we all know that all the red-state nutters would just bend over to their shitty local businesses and set the minimum wage so low that it's pointless.

And states have been proven time and time again to try to suppress the votes of the opposing party. Jim Crow was very real until the voting rights act was created and when the Supreme Court repealed it, definitive evidence has come out showing the GOP tried to do the same fucking thing that democrats did 60 years ago.

Conservative ideas sound good in a vacuum but when faced with reality, it always falls apart in the face of corporate greed and crony politics.
smart dude
Thu Apr 09 01:06:57
I used to not trust anyone a very long time ago, and it was a really bad and depressing place to be at. I can't go back to that, but in the end that's what you need to do, you can't trust anyone around you. I really don't know how you can operate without assuming that the people you interact with have a basic level of decency though, it just makes you completely isolated in the end.
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