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Utopia Talk / Politics / China threatens Australia
Wed Apr 29 13:14:42
‘Chewing gum stuck on the sole of our shoes’: the China-Australia war of words – timeline

Calls for an investigation into the causes of coronavirus have enraged Beijing. Here’s how the spat unfolded


Wont post the full exchange, but Tl;dr version: Australia very reasonably called for an independent investigation into the origins of Covid. China, being the global bully that it is, has responded by having a weeks-long meltdown over the request and is now threatening to fuck up Australia's economy.

China is a force for evil and should be destroyed.
large member
Wed Apr 29 13:17:37
Its kewl how multilateralist Americafirsters have become recently.

Or should I ask: Destroyed by whom exactly Ruggy?
Wed Apr 29 13:21:59
You know what's NOT funny? How Scandinavians have become waterboys for the CCP.
Wed Apr 29 13:27:22
” threatening to fuck up Australia's economy.
China is a force for evil and should be destroyed”

This is what the US has been doing for decades to other countries. Not only threatening btw, but actually doing it also. Pure evilness.
Wed Apr 29 13:44:30

Ideally, it should be destroyed in the same way that the Soviet Union was destroyed: by it's own people, who finally rose up to stand against decades of unspeakable oppression and tyranny.

Pending that event though, pretty much everyone in the entire world has a common interest in opposing China's fuckery.
large member
Wed Apr 29 13:53:35
How exactly does it differ from US fuckery?

Why can't you unilaterally oppose Chinese fuckery if it is in the interests of MAGA?

My personal view is that the fastest way to a multilateral world is through bipolar perspective.

All kinds of social democratic compromises were made for as long as the US was balanced by the USSR.

Why should we not expect your behaviour to improve over time for as long as you are counterbalanced by China?
Wed Apr 29 14:06:50
China is installing surveillance camera's INSIDE people's homes whom it suspects might have been exposed to COVID-19.
Wed Apr 29 14:29:10

The false equivalency between the US amd China is getting to be really tiresome.

With the US, your issues with us basically boil down to who gets to put tariffs on what and getting asked to participate in Iraq. Also, you seem to have a strong distaste for Trump and America's center-right political party in general.

These are questions of detail, not one of fundamental and existential differences. In substance, we're the best friend you could possibly have.

China on the other hand is a pure clash of civilizations situation. Everything you hold dear, from human rights to democracy, rule of law, privacy rights, free and open societies, and basic respect for individual liberties, is absolutely rejected by the CCP as a bunch of nonsense. As if that wasn't enough, they clearly see themselves as the imperialists of the modern world and have been acting accordingly. They dont have partners, just rivals and vassals. And if you dare to oppose them in anyway, they'll outright bully you into submission.

Alliance and accord with the US causes you the occasional headache. China is an actual threat to you. Get with the program already.
Wed Apr 29 14:47:14
"Everything you hold dear, from human rights to democracy, rule of law, privacy rights, free and open societies, and basic respect for individual liberties"

We are talking about the same Jergul, right?
large member
Wed Apr 29 14:51:40
Your programme? It works for me only against the backdrop of an alternative power keeping you firmly in line.

Good to see someone step up and take that role. So we can get back to a reasonable USA worried about how things will play out if it is too contrary in its dealing with social democratic core values.

We will know we are where we want to be when you don't whine about taxes on multinationals.
Thu Apr 30 07:33:05
And Australian billionaires are telling the government to back down lol

The Children
Thu Apr 30 08:30:39
wetmarkets. aahhhh so scary.

so scaly!!!

except everyone else other than white american apus has wet markets.

ever seen a brazilian or a indonesian market before.

it be exactly the same.

who the fuck l u idiots even burrshittin

get outta here, lmao. go suck.
The Children
Thu Apr 30 08:32:29


as ric flair infamously once said...

WOOOO!!!!! WOOOO!!!!!

WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! bitches
Tue May 19 08:07:04
"Australia ‘deeply disappointed’ after China imposes 80% tariff on barley imports"


The Children
Tue May 19 10:38:44
woopsie sounds about right.

destroy these racists thugs. camabans peoples r disgustin and he needs 2 explain himself.

leechin off china for decades but its clear they just wanna cheat and steal.

for months nottin but racists warmongerin chatter.
all becoz papa us told u 2 do it?


hey guess what,
200 countries took chinas stand. 6 countries wanted taiwan to join who.

5 eyes massively humiliated yesterday. oh woops didnt ur fakenews media report it? i guess they dunt report things like this when it doesnt go there way. lmao.

Tue May 19 10:56:42
^ Meet your new most favored trading partner jergul & Seb!

I cant wait for the days when you guys are openly defending censorship of any speech the Chinese government disagrees with in order to avoid arbitrary tariffs. Cant be more than a few year off at most.
Tue May 19 11:00:44
But feel free to tell us again about how the US is the one that's failing to uphold liberal democratic values. Rofl
The Children
Tue May 19 11:06:19
ur fakenews media is so much about free speech and freedom that they didnt bother mentionin the vote of 200 for china???

what happened there. did they accidentally forgot to mention it. coz it seems like a very structural issue they seem 2 always forget about these news when it doesnt suit them...

Tue May 19 11:13:48
Not sure what you are going on about The Children. The USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and every member of the EU called for Taiwan to be included in the meeting. One person, a lapdog for the Chinese, tabled the request saying maybe we will vote on it later in the year. Two hundred countries didn't make that decision. They were left out of the decision because Keva Bain is paid by China to do whatever China tells him to do.
Just another reason why it makes sense for the USA to drastically reduce financial support for WHO.
Also needs to be pointed out they were not trying to get Taiwan to join WHO but were trying to get them permission to participate in a conference dealing with Covid19.
The Children
Tue May 19 11:24:25
called for?

200 countries voted no.

6 of u voted yes.

u anglos got OWNED and humiliated in front of the world.

wheres u fakenews media now.

Tue May 19 11:38:11
TC, thank you for voluntarily bringing up the latest Taiwan clusterfuck. Just one more example of how China is a total piece of shit country.

And no, 200 countries didnt vote no; the measure was tabled. Kargen is correct, you are fake news.
Tue May 19 11:50:08
I'm still not seeing a vote. I found several articles saying a vote would happen later in the year and a few articles saying Taiwan withdrew their request.
I went to the WHA site and they do not mention a vote. I skipped through the stream they posted and there was no vote during the six hour stream.

So maybe you need to provide a link.
The Children
Tue May 19 12:27:41
u dunt see it coz ur fakenews media isnt reportin about it aka basically censorin it.

didnt u see the report about taiwan complainin about not being in observatory status...

u think WHO made a decision on there own? ROFL.

wake the F up. ur media is FAKE. they report only what the deepstate wants as narrative or what doesnt humiliate them.

Tue May 19 17:22:13
I went to multiple news sites including Al Jazeera and others not usually considered mainstay western news organizations. I also went to the actual WFA site. There is no mention of a vote so if you can't provide some actual information I doubt seriously a vote was taken.

Yeah I did see the report that Taiwan complained about not being invited. I also saw reports were the USA complained. Saw reports where Japan complained. None of those reports mentioned a vote happening Monday.
Ya know what they did mention? Taiwan withdrew their application. Leaders in the WFA announced there would be a vote later in the year. Taiwan was allowed in for several years until China got all butt hurt about Tsai Ing-wen being elected.

Mainstream media isn't covering a vote because there was no vote.
The Children
Wed May 20 10:30:06
u went to fakenews stations, u dumb fuck.





butbutbut WHO bribiieeeebbbeddddd by chaaaayyymmaaaaaa!!

do u actually believe this alt right theory. do u even hear those fuckin retards sing. rofl.

Wed May 20 11:49:48
The article you linked is the same article I commented on yesterday. So as it turns out I read the same source you posted. I know you didn't read it though. The article does not mention any vote because a vote did not happen. Taiwan is disappointed they do not get to attend. We agreed to that a couple of days ago. They do not get to attend because one or two people sitting in the right/wrong chair decided not to invite them.

Has nothing to do with any vote. There was no vote. And I don't even want to know from which orifice you pulled the 200-6 bullshit.

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