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Utopia Talk / Politics / america lied
The Children
Wed May 06 11:38:00
im sorry rugiot, hababy, does it actually seem like anyone in da world is with u.?

u lied.


u wars and invaded.

Wed May 06 11:54:02
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday renewed his widely contested charge that the coronavirus pandemic likely originated in a Chinese laboratory, but acknowledged there was no certainty

"We don't have certainty, and there is significant evidence that this came from the laboratory," the former CIA chief told reporters when pressed on his statements.



”We have evidence it came from a lab, but we don’t know if it came from a lab”.

Does Pompeo suffer from a brain damage?
Wed May 06 12:06:40
” “We consider it not a proper time, being somewhere in the middle of a severe crisis, an unprecedented crisis, to try to blame everything on the international health organization (the World Health Organization) or, the next day, on China,” Peskov said Tuesday”

” Dmitry Peskov, a top Russian official and President Putin’s spokesman, told CNBC that such accusations from the U.S. were “very, very serious” and if someone is going to make such accusations, “you have to deliver proof.””

Russia is the rational responsible adult in the room. The US should probably try to sneak out the backdoor and hope that everyone forgets this. Lol
Wed May 06 13:40:10
Paramount trying to be smug while being a tc fanboy.....
Wrath of Orion
Wed May 06 14:30:18
I agree that the bromance paramount and the TC multi have going on is a bit creepy.
Wed May 06 16:26:01
I guess we both thinks that Pompeo is very dishonest.
smart dude
Wed May 06 16:51:56
you're both equally good at english
The Children
Wed May 06 17:14:55
we r believers of truth.

thats why ur gettin owned.

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