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Utopia Talk / Politics / Covid-19 and suicide
Thu May 07 10:53:33
MAY 7 2020 - 2:35PM
University of Sydney Brain and Mind Institute warns of up to 50 per cent increase in suicide amid COVID-19 downturn

Jodie O'Sullivan

Australia's leading minds on mental health have warned suicide rates could rise by up to 50 per cent in the wake of the catastrophic and prolonged economic impacts of COVID-19.

Nationally the "best case scenario" will see a 25 per cent increase in suicides with the likelihood that about 40 per cent of those will be among young people, according to projections set to be released today by Professor Ian Hickie of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre.

Professor Hickie said the modelling indicated if the economy deteriorated further, that figure would escalate to a 50 per cent increase in the number of lives lost to suicide with rural and regional areas to be hardest hit.

For Australia as a whole this will mean between 750 and 1500 additional deaths in the next year on top of the 3000 suicide deaths that occur annually already.

Professor Hickie has warned those numbers are likely "to persist for up to five years if the economic downturn lasts more than 12 months".

The number of confirmed COVID-19 deaths in Australia is 97.

Thu May 07 16:10:54
I imagine that if I were a single man, living by myself, working from home and not allowed to leave my house for two months except to buy groceries that I could end up with mental health issues, including PTSD.
Thu May 07 16:17:17
It's sad that some people can't live with the pressure and try to kill themselves


MOSCOW -- Two Russian doctors have died and another was seriously injured in falls from hospital windows after they reportedly came under pressure over working conditions in the coronavirus pandemic.

The exact circumstances of the separate incidents in the last two weeks remain unclear and they are being investigated by police, but they underscore the enormous strains that Russian doctors and nurses have faced during the outbreak.

Reports said two of the doctors had protested their working conditions and the third was being blamed after her colleagues contracted the virus.
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