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Utopia Talk / Politics / Cider, then wine, then fb
large member
Sat May 09 21:06:37
Wife went to bed. I was bored. I used some skill honed here in discussion on face book.

People in general are worse than you are.

Also, I reached out to an old girlfriend. The wife knows her father quite well, it had irritated med for decades that no one had drawn the dots between previous relationships.

So I did.

I did tell my wife before sending a pm. She was asleep, but that is her fault I figure.

My plan now is to drink wine until she wakes up, serve her coffee, then show in detail the havoc I hve caused.

We have a loving relationship. I am sure this will go down fine

Sat May 09 21:31:01
Well, as long as your enjoying yourself, enjoy.
Sun May 10 00:59:56
Yea middle of the night drunken fb messages to exes are a great idea. Anyone who tells you different is probably trying to stop you from making a terrible mistake and you should probably listen to them.
large member
Sun May 10 03:25:57
Indeed! Wife was barely upset at all. Turns out I had messaged her on fb to brag of the havoc I was wreaking in real time. So she checked out most of the damage before I woke up, then I let her read the message I sent the ex girlfriend.

It was ok. Glad to see life worked out well for you kind of thing.

Sun May 10 03:48:34
Glad to hear you are ok and that just like Neo, you dodged all the bullets.
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