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Utopia Talk / Politics / Republicans win big get used to it
Wed May 13 21:30:57

The American people are sick of nanny state liberals fucking up the economy.
Wed May 13 21:45:10
The projection is unreal
the wanderer
Wed May 13 21:47:22
"In Wisconsin, Republican Tom Tiffany, a state senator endorsed by Trump, easily won a special congressional election Tuesday in the state's heavily conservative, rural 7th Congressional District."


and possibly retaking a seat in California that used to be R anyway... and according to Trump it's a rigged election so I guess the results should be questioned

the wanderer
Wed May 13 22:19:34
for the record, the 2018 results in the CA race:

Katie Hill (D) - 54.4% 133,209
Stephen Knight (R) - 45.6% 111,813
Total votes: 245,022

(Hill taking the seat away from incumbent Knight)

the 2020 results are this or minor changes:
Mike Garcia (R) 82,321 56%
Christy Smith (D) 64,671 44%
Total votes: 146,992

(far fewer votes, so who knows what the people really want)

plus it had been an R seat since 1992 if i'm reading the wikipedia right... so a D ever winning was the shocker... this "giving California Republicans a chance to claim a Democratic-held congressional seat in the state for the first time since 1998" in the article is an idiotic thing to say w/o noting it was usually an R seat... more accurate to say Trump was soooo awful, that it got miraculously flipped in 2018, but now returning to its traditional state

shitting on Fox articles is so easy :p
Wed May 13 22:58:30
So what exactly in that article do you question tumbleweed?
the wanderer
Thu May 14 00:02:12
the narrative that this is surprising & supposedly shows support of Trump... (as clearly was noticed based on superdude thread title)

"...giving California Republicans a chance to claim a Democratic-held congressional seat in the state for the first time since 1998."

"This is the first time in many years that a California Dem seat has flipped back to a Republican."

in video:
"i just want to clear up that i made an error yesterday when i said a Republican had not represented this district since 1998, the -accurate- way to say it is in the whole state of California a Republican has not flipped a Democratic house seat to the GOP since that very year, 1998"

no... the -accurate- way to say it is Republicans held that seat from 1992-2018, his 'correction' is an entirely different (& stupid) notion... (finally flipping a seat is just a symptom of Trump sucking hard & losing the seat to begin with)


and for the hell of it looked up the Wisconsin one:

2020 (todays) the R won 57% to 42%
2018 the R won 60% to 39%
2016 the R won 62% to 38%
2014 the R won 59% to 39%

so, what the fuck is special about tonight? ... a weaker win than usual...

"Trump-backed candidate wins big in Wisconsin" is in the headline suggesting Trump somehow helped pull something off

(again... superdude posting it is proof of their goal & that it was accomplished)
the wanderer
Thu May 14 00:28:59
alternate headline:

"With the Help Of A Lesbian Sex Scandal & Low Voter Turnout, Republicans Won Back A California Seat They Had Held For 26 Years (And Only Had Lost In 2018 As Trump Was So Awful), Plus Republicans Won A Seat They Usually Win In Wisconsin By A Slightly Smaller Margin Than Usual"

(plus there was redistricting back in 1992 so maybe the R's would have held it even longer than 26 years)
Thu May 14 00:37:21
You had me at lesbian sex scandal.
Thu May 14 04:51:03
She looks pretty terrible naked.Still want to see her vagina though and the pics i found had them block that.
Thu May 14 22:37:40
57% to 42% is big. Not as big as in the past but still big.
The California thing also true. In California it is a twenty point swing from 2018. So yeah a bit of a surprise in California.
You are seeing facts and imagining propaganda.
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