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Utopia Talk / Politics / The HEROES Act
Sat May 16 05:57:52
So Democrats decided to spent the last week writing up 1,800 pages of drivel that has zero-point-zero chance of becoming law.

Rather than devote, say, any energy whatsoever toward providing competent governance in a time of crisis, they decided to virtue signal to their far left base by turning a "coronavirus" bill into an outsized wishlist of progressive priorities.

Pretty much sums up the party in a nutshell. Trump 2020.
large member
Sat May 16 06:47:35
Devote energy to signing off on a GOP agenda?

The 1800 pages are valuable. It gives their congressional colegues an understanding of give and take issues that can be used in negotiating a bi-partisan bill.

Nothing can become law without support from both parties.
Average Ameriacn
Sat May 16 07:01:08
My bible has about 1200 pages. There is no need that any book must be any longer.
Sat May 16 08:03:05

Please. The provisions in this bill make it as DOA as the TRWF Act (aka the previous time they pulled this shit).

All prior relief packages have needed consensus between Democrats and Republicans to secure passage. Democrats will ultimately get the bulk of the aid to states and individuals that they want in exchange for concessions on handouts to businesses. That's pretty much a given.

The real purpose of this bill is to fire up the radical base ahead of the elections and to give their supporters a taste of what they can expect from the party if they somehow take the White House and Senate in November. "Hey guys, vote out Drumpf and next year we can get you free abortions, marijuana financing, college debt relief, incentives to stay out of the workforce, federalization of elections," etc etc.

In other words, it's a total waste of time for the actual legislative process.
Sat May 16 08:04:03
Also money for illegals.
Sat May 16 09:09:11
You can extend a stimulus and small business support for less than $1 trillion. Probably half that.

Anything else is pork.
Sat May 16 17:38:23
"concessions on handouts to businesses."

Anything the GOP is writing up for "business" should be launched on the senate launch system for a decaying solar orbit.

"You can extend a stimulus and small business support for less than $1 trillion. Probably half that.

Anything else is pork."

That's like 80-90% of the COVID spending.
Sat May 16 18:56:09
Anything the GOP is writing up for "business" should be launched on the senate launch system for a decaying solar orbit."

I actually agree with hood on this point.

What we need is simple,

1. keep people afloat* financially.Do away with Trumps new regulations on food stamps.

2. Focus on national testing and tracing and whatever else we may need to help open up the economy again safely.

3. Now would be a good time to. Push through that infrastructure bill and include some deregulation of the internet that now favors the big internet companies at the expense of rural America.
Sat May 16 19:42:57

A glimpse ay.how the last checks were spent. Also thise direct payments.of 1200 bucks only cost 290 billion out of 2.2 trillion.

I also don't understand why unemployed people need extra money, since they dont have any extra bills, is rather see that money.spread out to make normal.payments of unemployment to the new waves of ppl unemployed.
Sat May 16 20:30:51
> the senate launch system

*chortles in Martian*
Sun May 17 02:57:26
Republicans shoved a 2-trillion-dollar piece of shit legislation through even though only a minority of voters elected the slim Republican senate majority and Trump.

The democratic house was elected by a 9-point margin and represents the true will of the people.

The white victimization complex of shitheads like Rugian is cute but ultimately, as always, based on complete and utter falsehood.
Sun May 17 07:04:19
Cuckhat still doesn't understand how representative democracy works.
Sun May 17 07:28:15
The only ones who understand how democracy works are these guys in Michigan:

Sun May 17 10:50:23
ROFL at Dukhat arguing that one half of the legislative branch and the entire executive branch have no right to govern. Next he'll say that he's a fan of stacking the Supreme Court as well. What an idiot.

You can't blame him too much though. The deluded fool spends all of his waking hours living in his ideological bubble, reading nothing but Democratic media garbage that has spent the last two years trying to prop up Pelosi as some sort of alternate POTUS in opposition to the orange man. He's about two posts away from parroting Pelosi's "Article 1, first branch" drivel.

Did you cheer when Pelosi ripped up Trump's speech like a petulant child Dukhat? rofl you easily manipulated cretin.
sam adams
Sun May 17 12:00:40
"should be launched on the senate launch system for a decaying solar orbit. "

Lulz. Good line.
Sun May 17 19:51:19
Rugian literally has nothing constructive to contribute ever. Literally its all reactionary incel bullshit. Hos dad won’t habe to wait too long in hell for his dumbass son to join him.
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