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Tue May 19 01:57:35
I remember when this first happened, and inread an article titled " meth head/ criminal genius" and got quite the kick put of it.


Meth Addicts Create Algorithm To Steal Gift Cards

This is the kind of crime that makes merchants put restrictions on gift card purchases. But it is also a interesting story so I decided to post it. It’s about three meth addicts who came up with a scheme using phony Giant Eagle gift cards to fuel his meth addiction, police said.

Giant Eagle

This was the scheme. They developed an algorithm that created random number combinations consistent with Giant Eagle gift card serial numbers. This is not as difficult as it sounds actually. They would then call Giant Eagle customer service to see whether the numbers corresponded with cards that had a balance.

If there was a balance, they would use a bar code program he found on the Internet to print the legitimate code on the back of a non-loaded gift card. Then they would go to various Giant Eagles and use them to buy prepaid Vanilla Visa and MasterCard debit cards at self-serve checkouts. They would use the prepaid debit cards at Walmart to buy money orders, which they then used to rent vehicles, pay for hotel rooms and buy crystal methamphetamine. That’s another reason to be nice to fellow shoppers on the customer service line at Walmart, they might be meth addicts.

People who had the gift cards that had their serial numbers stolen found that their cards were empty when they tried to use them, police said. A reminder that you should use up gift cards and prepaid cards quickly.

They did this twice this year. On their second campaign, just between Sept. 8 and Oct. 19, they netted $21,514.62, according to Pittsburgh police. One of the crooks claimed that the total haul was about $300K the Post Gazette reports, but they were charged for the theft of just $30K.
smart dude
Tue May 19 02:13:26
Clever, but a GTR thread based on a 5 year old story?

Also, white obviously.
Tue May 19 02:30:54
The other GTR triggered a memory pf this guy so I googled it as ot was a favorite of mine.

And yes possibly the whitest crime in modern history.
Tue May 19 16:24:17
I guess you, Habebe, although you surely had help from a smarter accomplice.
Tue May 19 18:24:29
Dakyron, Thats not a bad guess.It wasn't me , for starters I wouldnt manually call each number...but then again when you only sleep 12 hoirs a week you find yourself with a lot of extra time.
Tue May 19 18:57:18
Lol. 21k for a months work doing fraud. Why bother?
Tue May 19 20:00:08
Pillz, All said and done iirc they found out he made about a 1/4 million in a few months time.
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