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Utopia Talk / Politics / Guess the Race
Thu May 21 01:00:39
Rugian's dad is still dead lol.

Shit moderation when you let a shit-ton of racist shit fly already. This is a troll but you came in to be racist anyways so fuck you and the shitty moderation too.
smart dude
Thu May 21 01:38:29
I kinda feel bad for the guy. It sucks when your dad dies. I can relate. I can't relate to getting cucked as hard as he did though, but I'm sure it's unpleasant.
Average Ameriacn
Thu May 21 02:03:52
Everyone remember: Dukhat is no real American.
sam adams
Thu May 21 06:46:27
Cuckhat has reached peak leftist nutbagger: realizing his weak mind will never convince anyone, so hes moving on to trying to get their speach banned.
Thu May 21 07:33:34
How about not being a shit heel?
Thu May 21 08:08:43
This is without a doubt a new phase for dukhat, never has a poster shown such visceral signs of being broken.
Thu May 21 09:29:26
Lol Dukhat has truly lost it.

Like many who share in his political persuasions, Dukhat is utterly incapable of building empathy towards those that disagree with him. This is an extremely unhealthy attitude and he really should be taking steps to address it.

Leave the basement and go outside bro. Join a gym, meet someone at a coffee shop. Maybe talk to a stranger in the park. Do something at least. You desperately need to learn how to be compassionate towards your fellow man.
Thu May 21 09:30:09
Also more GtR threads will be coming soon, since they apparently trigger you so much. Lol
Thu May 21 10:31:46
Not cool. Be kind.
Thu May 21 10:32:55
This hasn't got anything to do with dukhats politics.
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