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Utopia Talk / Politics / roidmuscles aint loyal
The Children
Thu May 21 01:38:33
this is what 6 weeks of no longer juiced 2 the max looks like...

disgustin nasty roidmuscles melted away like snow before the sun.

them roiders r easy targets 4 da corona becoz of lower immunesystem and already compromised damaged organs which in turn lead again 2 even more lower immunesystem...

other side effects of course include

acne, uglie skin/ ogre skin with nasties implodin on ur back when ur sleepin. stories of roiders who wake up in the middle of da night and findin out they sleepin on a wet bed of blood and puss coz the puss that covered there backs imploded durin the night...

tiny miniscule balls the size of half a peanut.

kidney, lungs, liver diseases. this is seriously nasty nasty stuff...

palumboism. pregnant bellies, just unnatural and gross out. bubblegut bonanza. bubblegut bonanza.

shrinkin arms and legs, a devolvin back intro primal humanoid thing with big bellies and short arms and legs almost gorilla like...completely freaky.

deformenet of skull and faceskull caused by damaged nerves in the face and the hormones makin the head, feet and hand grow and look bigger and almost troll/ ogre like.

just crazy.

and when u stop takin that shit, it melts away, the roidmuscles melts away in 6 weeks...

The Children
Thu May 21 01:38:42
Average Ameriacn
Thu May 21 02:02:37
This dude looks really gay, maybe that's his precondition?
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