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Utopia Talk / Politics / Another Saudi Arabian?
Thu May 21 16:15:19
Trump keeps inviting them to America so it could very well be another one. This would be the second attack on a military base in America by a Saudi in that case.

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi shooting terror-related, person of interest may be-at-large

A shooting that injured one security guard at the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in Texas on Thursday has been determined to be terrorism-related, FBI officials said.

The shooter, who has not been identified, was shot dead, but a second person of interest may be at-large, the FBI said.

"The public should remain calm, and if you see something, say something," FBI officials said.

Thu May 21 16:16:09
US Military base security is extraordinarily shitty.
Thu May 21 16:26:00
^Brings back memories of drunkenly scaling a fence and waltzing back to the barracks with no challengers.
Thu May 21 16:26:03
The Saudi attack in december 2019 was also against a naval air base.
Fri May 22 03:34:49
Yup it was another Saudi Arabian.

UPDATE: Terror Attack at Corpus Christi Naval Air Station – Saudi Shooter Adam Salim Alsahli Killed at the Scene, Was Al-Qaeda Supporter

Fri May 22 03:58:13
Hmmm.... If they are attacking military bases and military personel then it can't be a terror attack.
large member
Fri May 22 04:03:24
The important thing is that Saudi Arabia is moving in the right direction.

Never mind that it destroyed US oil production and shoots up US bases every other month.

Its reforming! Women can even drive cars now.
Fri May 22 04:23:59
Yup. Saudi Arabia is turning into a liberal democracy.
Sat May 23 04:57:51
Saudi Barbarians keeps attacking America and kills Americans, but all the patriots are silent?

Hmm... what happened?

When the Saudi Prince of ISIS dismembered the Washington Post journalist and when Trump made up excuses for it – maybe it was then when the state of America became a such irreparable mess that patriots does not care anymore. They know that the Prince of Saudi has America in its claws and that they can’t break free, so they just accept it. Because their president do it too.

”The public should remain calm”, FBI officials said

Yup. Remain calm.
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