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Utopia Talk / Politics / what anglo media nevers wants u 2 see
The Children
Fri May 22 01:42:16

the standards of livin is higher than in MANY middle and lower tier american "cities"

xpose these american imperialists.
smart dude
Fri May 22 03:45:15
They never want us to see somebody's slideshow (not video) of their vacation to Tibet.

Very enlightening. The video informs us such excruciatingly interesting facts as "Chinese eat breads...and other bready things!"

Not sure what this video has anything to do with what you are rambling about.
Fri May 22 04:43:05
Lies. The Chinese food groups are

1. Rice
2. Crickets , bugs and shit.
3. Bats
4. Cats and dogs.

No bread.
Fri May 22 08:50:49
"The Chinese government continued to pursue a strategy of forced assimilation and suppression of Tibetan Buddhism, as demonstrated by the laws designed to control the next reincarnation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and those of other Tibetan eminent lamas. Monks and nuns who refused to denounce the Dalai Lama have been expelled from their monasteries, imprisoned, and tortured. During the summer of 2019, authorities demolished thou-sands of residences at the Yachen Gar Tibetan Buddhist center in Sichuan Province, displacing as many as 6,000 monks and nuns. In April, authorities closed the Larung Gar Buddhist Academy to new enrollment. Authorities also intensified a crackdown on possessing or displaying photos of the Dalai Lama, continued to monitor religious festivals, and, in some areas, banned students from attending festivals during their school holidays. In protest of repressive government policies, at least 156 Tibetans have self-immolated since February 2009."

The Children
Fri May 22 09:41:19
Fake anglo news again

u live a life full of lies and hatred.

i wonder, how do whiteys like u even live. dunt u peoples have any shame lmao.
Fri May 22 10:05:08
It's a little Ironic that you actually live in the land of the Angles.
The Children
Sun May 31 12:53:20
butbutbut tankman...


how u feelin now, u dumbfuck.
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