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Utopia Talk / Politics / US threatsn UK in unprecented mannerism
The Children
Sun May 24 06:37:58
for habbaby. the manchild.


The White House has launched a major review looking at whether spy planes, intelligence officials and other US assets need to be pulled out of Britain after Downing Street agreed Huawei can help build its 5G network.


just 3 weeks ago.

UK may or may not block huawei but it clear who made that order and who they r kowtowin 2.
Sun May 24 06:51:24

Majority of Britons also blame China for the outbreak.
large member
Sun May 24 07:00:40
So? You have borders. Why did you not stop the outbreak from spreading inside your country?

Perfectly possible to do. 330 people have died from covid-19 in Norway and that number includes suspected cases without a confirming blood test.

Scapegoating reflects a crisis in national leadership more than anything else.
Sun May 24 07:11:31
Jergul, Your point? My point a few days ago was that many nations are angry with China and there handling of the pandemic ( negligence, lying and cover up)

And that because of that they will pay a toll feom negative public opinion.
The Children
Sun May 24 07:20:19
hababy, there r many countries angry at the usa too for pullin out of climate accords, for warmongerin, for there lies, for there unlitaeral decisions.

Sun May 24 07:22:13
large member Sun May 24 07:00:40
"So? You have borders. Why did you not stop the outbreak from spreading inside your country?"


"There is no reason for measures that unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade. WHO doesn’t recommend limiting trade and movement.

...As I have said repeatedly since my return from Beijing, the Chinese government is to be congratulated for the extraordinary measures it has taken to contain the outbreak, despite the severe social and economic impact those measures are having on the Chinese people.

We would have seen many more cases outside China by now – and probably deaths – if it were not for the government’s efforts, and the progress they have made to protect their own people and the people of the world.

The speed with which China detected the outbreak, isolated the virus, sequenced the genome and shared it with WHO and the world are very impressive, and beyond words. So is China’s commitment to transparency and to supporting other countries.

In many ways, China is actually setting a new standard for outbreak response. It’s not an exaggeration."

-Tedros Adhanom, Chinese Puppet (also Director-General of the WHO), 1/30/20
The Children
Sun May 24 07:33:52
he said nottin which is not the truth.

u r responsible for ur OWN country.

i often wonder what makes u think it is false.
every word is correct what tedros said.

Sun May 24 07:39:31
Yeah well, the world is pissed and it mostly blames China.
The Children
Sun May 24 08:07:48
yeaaa pissed at what.

swine flu?

yea we sure are.
Sun May 24 08:15:19
Ok tunaboy, your only fooling yourself.
large member
Sun May 24 08:47:12
5 years until the next election in the UK.

The idea that China should somehow be held responsible for a global pandemic is manufactured.

China did fine once the central government stepped in. A point that does not bode well for your state rights perspective.

The only lesson to be learned is that local government managing disease outbreaks is perhaps a bit 19th century.
Sun May 24 15:44:03
Your China shilling is stale. Mix it up a bit.
Sun May 24 15:56:20
”B...b...but the world hates China” – Habebe

Europe is abandoning Trump on the world stage as it turns away from the US toward China

President Donald Trump is presiding over the deterioration of the US's position on the world stage as European countries increasingly look toward China as a future global leader.

This shift is apparent in a series of recent opinion polls that found European sentiment toward the US to be in decline since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

New polling published in Germany this week found that an overwhelming majority of Germans said they had a worse opinion of the US because of the pandemic.

The survey found that 76% of Germans said their view of the US had deteriorated because of the pandemic, compared with 36% who said the same of China.

The poll found:

Germans were largely split when asked whether they favored maintaining close relations with China or the US.
37% of Germans said it was more important to maintain close relations with the US, compared to 36% who said the same of China.
That was a big drop from a poll last year, when 50% of Germans said maintaining US relations was the priority, compared with just 24% who said China.
In a separate question, just 10% of Germans saw the US as the country's most important global partner, down from 19% last year. Six percent said the same of China, down 1 percentage point from the year before.
Separate polling conducted in the UK also found a deterioration in Britain's view of the US since the pandemic began.

Asked at the end of last month whether Britain should forge a stronger relationship with Europe or with the US, 35% of Brits told the pollsters YouGov that Europe should be the priority, compared with just 13% who said the US.

That's a net shift of 6 percentage points toward Europe since early November and came despite Britain's exit from the European Union in January.

The shift comes amid global shock about recent interventions by President Donald Trump on the coronavirus pandemic.

The president's comments speculating that disinfectant might be used to treat coronavirus patients caused widespread disbelief and horror in many European countries.

"Over more than two centuries, the United States has stirred a very wide range of feelings in the rest of the world: love and hatred, fear and hope, envy and contempt, awe and anger," the Irish Times columnist Fintan O'Toole wrote last month in response to Trump's comments.

"But there is one emotion that has never been directed towards the US until now: pity."

Reports that Trump had attempted to buy exclusive rights to a coronavirus vaccine being developed in Germany also triggered anger on the continent.

Trump's behavior has highlighted already widespread negative feelings in Europe toward the president, with one survey last week finding that just 2% of French people trusted Trump to lead the world.

Sun May 24 15:57:49

If you follow the news, you'll see our PM just backed his advisor who is now widely loathed for braking lockdown rules.

As jergul says, public opinion on China isn't huge and the govt doesn't face the polls for five years, and has an 80 seat majority.

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