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The Children
Thu May 28 01:13:06

and here we r yet again.

just 2 months after 2 triple AAA titles.

the next one is around the corner again.


we told ya, didnt we. we told all u peasants and stupid xbots, lmao.

smart dude
Thu May 28 01:15:51
Actually all three consoles have good games. I never really counted. Thank god I'm a grownup and can afford all of them and don't see it as some kind of competition.
The Children
Thu May 28 10:51:22
june 19th BITCHES

i cant wait 2 get back 2 the world of last of us.

this gamin year is frikkin amazin so far, u fuckin xbot idiots.

we told u we r masterrace didnt we.

Thu May 28 11:26:48
Meh, Im not too into non pc modern games. Ive been on an NES retro kick for a while. With the occasional snes ps1 game ( ff7/f2f tactics)
The Children
Thu May 28 11:38:10
u have been a gaminpeasant all ur life, kid.

didnt u get the memo.
The Children
Sat May 30 12:55:50
18 more days. g damn, i can barely wait.

dunt forget 2 replay or rewatch last of us 1 so ur up 2 date with the story again.

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