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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trump/US China policy
Thu May 28 14:55:27
I felt this deserved its own thread since it leaks into half the threads on the board.

New events are popping up alot lately.

HONGKONGERS are pleading with Trump to add sanctions.


Trump also is kicking out thousands of Chinese kids.going to school.


Last week he blacklisted a bunch of Chinese.companies with ties to the government/military from the NYSE.

We have been increasing support of Taiwan, recently selling new weapons to them and something else boosting ties, I'll look it.up.
The Children
Thu May 28 15:03:08
lol kid noone gives a flyin F how tiny ur pecker is.


how did last years sanctions on HK work out for u, littlepeckers?


the same thing will happen again if u put new sanctions.

as for the chinese graduates. so what.
let chinese students go 2 other unis.

lmao in case u didnt notice, ur countries scientists...over half of them are asians.

ur peoples arent smart and it was asians that kept ur tech level high.

without us, u wuld just be another 3rd world soon.
Thu May 28 15:04:34
Sanctions against Chinese and HK leaders should also be a no-brainer. Carrie Lam should be facing capital charges if shes ever apprehended in the US.
Thu May 28 15:07:01

Some.people are hoping the US will let more HKers flee to the US, which I support.

The UK is already doing this as well.

Hear that TC? Your country is abput to be flooded with commie hating hongkongers.
The Children
Thu May 28 15:08:29
and as for those demonscrazies...so they confirmed they are racetraitors...lmao WHAT ELSE IS NEW.

everyone knew this last year.

his name was joshua wong.

joshua racetraitor wong travelled 2 the usa 2 beg the usadaddy for sanctions on hongkong in november 2019. which of course daddyusa did (they planned it all along. it was just a charade show by joshua wong).

and then joshua uglydog wong went back 2 hongkong and expected to be voted in as king of hong kong.


like what else is new.

hongkongers just too polite 4 that crap, thats all.

i get other people tellin me all the time. they like "yo TC, if he did that in my country, they wuldve fagdragged him in my country"

and im like "4sure dog, 4sure"

The Children
Thu May 28 15:09:39
so what sheepbebe, i hear what. i dunt give a fuck and neither does the rest of HK gives a flyin F if u take them.

ur obligated to take in ur spies or they wuldnt work for u anymore and expose ur dirty secrets.

so good riddance 2 all of them.
Thu May 28 15:10:17
The story is about Jimmy Lai.
The Children
Thu May 28 15:16:00
they all look the same 2 me.
just like u idiots. ur sheeps, sheepbebe. brainwashed idiots.
The Children
Thu May 28 15:18:25
in case ur wondering. here is ur demonscrazies.


theres ur movement. u dumb fuckin idiot.
1 guy shoutin broken clock demands and 10 guys up on the upper floors shoutin back tryin 2 abuse the echo to make it seem like the whole mall is filled with people when in facts its just 10 crazies of which 3 are whiteys.

fuck off.

oh and @1:56 theres his face. ugly joshua racetraitor wong.

Even with subtitles i culd not even understand a single word he said. do u.

fuck u.

he wuld fit right in here. i bet. if he thinks he has a future here in britain, he is wrong. he wuld be bullied like the asian nerd that he is.
The Children
Thu May 28 15:20:40
and notice how whitey for half a minute did not show the entire mall...to avoid revealin u the truth...

which is that its completely EMPTY. theres noone there supportin u demonscrazies, u fucktard.

its over. everyone switched sides and everyone hates u fuckin idiots for ruining the city.
Thu May 28 16:48:31
I'm beginning to think the videos you post are not the same as the ones you comment on.
Fri May 29 13:59:55
Its official, Trump is revoking HK special privelige.
Fri May 29 14:16:28
HK should be forcibly occupied by British troops in retaliation for violation of the handover agreement.
Fri May 29 14:30:15
Well, Im glad the U.K. finally did something more than the normal euro response

(to give moderatley harsh worded messages of disapproval)

They've made it easier for honkongers to immigrate, which the US should follow suit.
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