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The Children
Sun May 31 12:55:28
brutal crackdown of civilians.


imagine this far off on da brainwash level to still cite tankman...

all the evidence points 2 ur brainwash and stupidity.
Sun May 31 12:58:14
” US Police and National Guard Patrolling US Neighborhoods with Humvees and Shooting Civilians on their own Property”

Freedom and democracy is under attack.
Sun May 31 12:59:53
Thats fking insane. Shooting at civilians in their own home.

Is that the Trump Forces?
The Children
Sun May 31 13:13:33
look at this brutality yo.


this is a brutal dicatorship. they usin its massive military weapons of 600 billion and usin it against there own peoples now...

these r slaveowners...

look at the brutality of it and where is fakenews bastards. why aint they reportin any of this.

fakenews is propaganda channels thats why.

Sun May 31 13:16:57
Wow TC, you make some great points here. All us people who have spent years declaring our support for the militarization of the police are well and truly owned.

The Children
Sun May 31 13:33:48
so wheres ur fakenews media bastards. why they aint reportin any of these brutal cases of which r numbering 40-80 by now.

same comparison last year with hk showed them blatantly lie and call out hk police when most hkpolice were incredibly civil and softmannered in comparison...

Sun May 31 13:34:29
Better save these videos for later, for the next time someone says that China must respect human rights and people’s right to protest. Because China don’t need to. We can just refer to the USA.
The Children
Sun May 31 13:39:40
agreed. start savin and downloadin.

this stuff is GOLD.
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