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Utopia Talk / Politics / Will Seb and TC sign the petition?
Average Ameriacn
Mon Jun 15 09:58:13

Coronavirus: Petition calls on UK to declare war on New Zealand 'then immediately surrender'
15 Jun, 2020

Members of the UK public have launched a petition calling on the British Government to declare war on New Zealand, "then immediately surrender".

The petition is the latest idea for a Covid-19 strategy for the UK, where new cases continue to climb.

The petition suggests the British Government declares war on New Zealand and then surrenders, so that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern can take over the reins in the UK, as part of international law that states that you become the de facto government of a country you defeat in war.

"The British Government has shown itself to be completely incapable of controlling the Covid-19 virus outbreak in the UK and has the highest death rate per head of population in the world," the petition states.

"The New Zealand Government has on the other hand carefully controlled the outbreak, presumable based on the same science as the British Government. and is now 'Covid-free'.

"Under international law if you defeat a country in a war you become the de facto government of that country until new arrangements are made. Therefore if the UK declares war on New Zealand and then immediately surrenders Jacinda Ardern and her Government will have to take over running the UK and will do a much better job that the present bunch of clowns," it continues.

"I am sure they will treat us well in defeat and sort out a few other things while they are at it."

The petition has only gathered a couple of hundred signatures so far but is gathering momentum on social media where many are sharing it as a plan to get rid of Covid-19 in the UK.

It has also reportedly been printed in the Sunday Times newspaper in the UK.

Mon Jun 15 10:07:05
Have you seen the size of her mouth? That woman could eat a hoagie side ways. Which is generally a good thing
Mon Jun 15 10:12:50
lol someone actually wrote a half serious article in this vein when Sweden join the EU back in the 90's. We were to declare war on Norway and surrender immediately. It would get us out of the EU and also make us a rich oil producer :)
Mon Jun 15 10:40:16
Maybe something more like have the Queen write to her and explain that the Bo's has taken notice of her success managing one of her smaller franchises and thinks that it's time for her to step up and take a senior executive role in the leading business of the group. Exciting opportunity, need for an experienced individual with track record to take on challenging turn-around project etc.
Mon Jun 15 10:40:28
Mon Jun 15 10:41:38
I say leading, I mean biggest. Obviously if it was leading we wouldn't be in such dire need of a turnaround.
Sun Jun 21 01:54:29
Rofl this thread

Sun Jun 21 04:16:34
Mean while in the US we still have people pushing to open everything in spite of some big spikes.
Sun Jun 21 10:19:21
Remember when seb ardently argues that the uk health system was superior to americas?
Sun Jun 21 13:40:08
British support for the NHS is borderline cult-like. Remember the whole "clap for the NHS?" That was some straight up North Korea shit.
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