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Utopia Talk / Politics / The people of CHAZ/CHOP
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Mon Jun 15 22:47:44
These are the people that Trump wants to dominate.

Mon Jun 15 23:18:31
Well CHOP has been a tborn in the side of Conservatives for a while, we will burn the Children's hospital of Philadelphia down first, so that none ofnthose meddling kids and there dog cam stop us as we dump nuclear waste in the Schukhill river.... Muhahahahaha.

Thats just the start, That will lure out Captain Planet and his planet punks, see and we will drown him in pollution, then no ome will stop us and once Trump runs his term through we will elect Mr. Burns and no one will be able to stop us.
Cherub Cow
Tue Jun 16 00:10:12
I like the misrepresentations and doublethink by this author:

• "It’s understandable how the barriers around the zone—movable wood and plastic left behind by the police—and the hygienically masked sentinels standing at them could look intimidating to residents."

Shortly after followed with..

• "The only disturbance he’s seen, he said, “was someone trying to pull the barriers apart. We asked her to stop.”"

So those barriers are just movable plastic. Or just re-claimed plastic, like re-claimed wood at your local artisanal furniture shop — not a true barrier! ... except that people stand nearby to enforce that the barriers do not get moved.

• "Last Sunday, a motorist drove into the protest at that very intersection and shot a man point-blank who tried to make him stop, hitting his shoulder."

Shortly after followed with..

• "Michaud says Seattle police have received no reports of shootings or guns at protests or in the occupied zone."

That shooting happened on the 13th, whereas CHAZ was founded on the 8th... but there have been no reports of shootings? The author seems to try to say that this shooting does not count since it was a right-winger.. but it was a shooting nonetheless.

"The 1999 “Battle in Seattle,” ... became a battle for turf, just as the current occupation has."

Right, totally, Dr. Lexus. So the borders are just kind of like, you know, right, kick-ass, so what CHOP does it just, heh, like, you know, you know what I mean? Like, heh-heh-heh. It's all non-confrontational and nice. People like, de-escalate and talk about "Marxist-Leninist" theory in chair circles.. except that, at the same time and by this author's own words, it's a turf war and an occupation that enforces its borders and is comparable to the "Battle in Seattle" where property had to be re-claimed by the National Guard in a dispute that cost the city $20million over three days. But like, we have a nice hot dog stand, so like, you don't *have* to be vegan to participate.

"Mayor Durkan['s] own police chief has publicly disputed her decision to evacuate the precinct."

Yikes... so the author agrees that Mayor Durkan should resign and has failed but also cites the police chief (whose actions and politics would work to do *away* with the CHAZ/CHOP) as a reason to get rid of the mayor.... right. So the author dislikes the mayor because the mayor wasn't open and free-loving enough, and the author also thinks that the police chief was right to criticize the mayor.. for being *too* open and allowing CHAZ/CHOP to even happen........ This is a published author, folks.
sam adams
Sat Jun 20 14:18:02
1 kia 1 gravely injured in CHOP shooting. The hippies tried to keep the police out while their own "medics" tried to save the victims.
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