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Utopia Talk / Politics / Osama Bin Laden endorsed Joe Biden
Peter Walsh
Fri Jun 19 07:10:40

Trump Releases Ad Claiming Osama Bin Laden ‘Endorsed’ Biden

President Trump appeared on his son Donald Trump Jr.’s podcast ‘Triggered’ on Thursday, where he released an ad claiming Osama Bin Laden “endorsed” Joe Biden, predicted Democrats would work with him if wins a second term, and said there would be “tremendous bedlam” if Biden wins in November.

Asked about reports that documents seized in a raid on Bin Laden’s compound revealed a plan to assassinate former President Obama to install Biden as president, which Obama officials said was never a serious threat, Trump said “we’re going to immediately make a commercial out of that if that’s true.”

Trump Jr. then unveiled an ad as a “Father’s Day present,” approved by Trump, which claimed Biden was “endorsed” by Bin Laden and called Biden “China’s candidate, Iran’s candidate and Osama’s candidate.”

Trump called Biden “unequipped” and “in no condition” to be president, and described him as “China’s dream,” just a day after former National Security Adviser John Bolton released an excerpt from his forthcoming book in which he claims Trump pleaded with Chinese President Xi Jinping to help Trump win reelection and praised Xi’s plan to build concentration camps for Uighur Muslims.

Trump predicted Democrats in Congress “are gonna say let’s work with the president” if he wins reelection and said if the Democrats win in November, “we are literally going to end up in a recession/depression the likes of which you’ve never seen. There will be tremendous negative growth. There will be tremendous bedlam all over the place,” adding “the whole country will be Minneapolis.”

Trump touted his “law and order” response to the George Floyd protests, saying he prevented other cities from looking like Minneapolis by “sending the troops in” and calling the deployment of National Guard troops in Minneapolis “so beautiful.”

Donald Trump Jr. asked his father if he would “open up Roswell,” referring to conspiracy theories that claim the government covered up the crash of an alien UFO in Roswell, N.M., in 1947. "So many people ask me that question,” Trump replied. “There are millions and millions of people who want to go and see it. I won't tell you what I know about it, but it's very interesting." Trump also said he’ll “think about” declassifying the Roswell files.

12%. Trump claimed that in the 2016 election, he “got a lot of Bernie Sanders voters. A very good percentage. People were shocked,” adding that it was “Mostly because of trade. Because the one thing Bernie Sanders was right on was trade.” Trump won 12% of Sanders voters in 2016, according to one survey of 50,000 voters. Trump also predicted “I think I'm gonna have it again this time." An ABC poll in March found that 15% of Sanders’ 2020 supporters–a smaller group than in 2016–would vote for Trump if Biden became the nominee. Sanders has since dropped out and endorsed Biden.

Asked about his post-presidency plans, Trump said he’s going to “sit back, relax and enjoy watching a great country,” adding “hopefully we’ll have someone in who can keep it great.”
sam adams
Fri Jun 19 07:14:17
He is so fucking dumb.
sam adams
Fri Jun 19 07:14:32
Trump that is
Fri Jun 19 16:40:16
he did send him to paradise
Fri Jun 19 16:55:34
Always entertaining.
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