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Utopia Talk / Politics / Are the police sexist?
Fri Jun 19 11:57:19
As of June 4, the U.S. police shot 415 men and 13 women to death in 2020.


So even with 6 million ( roughly) more females than males police shoot 32 times, 3200% more males.

The obvious conclusion is mass widespread sexism.
large member
Fri Jun 19 12:27:15
That is probably the correct conclusion.

We would not be having these discussions if the police had shot 26 people to death so far this year.

Its a fair argument to make.
Fri Jun 19 12:39:57
Oh listen, the cops in the US are definitley out of pocket. To use a Philly saying.
large member
Fri Jun 19 13:05:24
Its just important to not think women are being favored. Its men that are being heavily penalized.

White trash lives matter!
Fri Jun 19 18:36:50
Was going to say what jergul said.
Sat Jun 20 07:21:50
It is the same reality albeit a different shade of it inside (blue) peoples heads.

1. Men are responsible for 90% of all violence.
2. Black men are responsible for 50% of that.

90% of people killed by police are men.
50% of those are black. Or pretty close.

I posted an article a few years ago about men and women who underwent sex reassignment and one of the experiences was how the police interacts with males at a significantly higher level of suspicion, which translats to a significantly higher risk for your physical health, when dealing with police, (even when you call them as the victim).
large member
Sat Jun 20 08:14:19
The correlation is no more than that.

The ratio to policemen killed by intentional violence to people killed by policemen is crazy.

Its pushing 1:100 in the US.
large member
Sat Jun 20 08:18:25
To put it another way, if the poice had killed 26 people this year, it would still be more than the 11 policemen intentionally killed in the line of duty.

Males are heavily and violently discriminated against.

Even women killed is a bit on the high side with 3 civilians killed for every officer.
Jebbebiah Wilkins
Sat Jun 20 08:24:28
If most of the killer cops are male, too, does it mean hate crimes against their own latent homosexuality?
large member
Sat Jun 20 08:32:44
uhm, no.
Sat Jun 20 08:41:39
Nimatzo. "90% of people killed by police are men.
50% of those are black. Or pretty close"

Its actually closer. To 20-25% of people killed.by cops are black. Roughly 400 whites, 200.blacks.and hand full of others a year.
Sat Jun 20 12:03:27
If you remember we once compared violence in Norway vs USA and against intuition it was the same. Our intuitions are victims of black swans, in this case people murdered (with guns) and specifically events with massive casualties.

It does not make sense to compare people killed by police in the USA with Sweden or Norway. For all we know we have a problem with non-lethal police violence.
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