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Utopia Talk / Politics / What will 2030 look like?
Fri Jun 19 12:52:41
Any predictions? How about some jergulisms 10 of of 100 universes etc.
large member
Fri Jun 19 13:11:17
Energy use per unit of gdp : - 10%
Carbon intensity per unit of gdp: - 35%%
Gdp per capita from 2019 in fixed dollar: + 20%
Productivity gain (inferred): + 15%

sam adams
Fri Jun 19 13:52:23
America will not be called america, because that is a racist colonizer name.

Instead it will be called lakwandala click clack for the famous african explorer who once paddled a hollow log to the other side of a lake.

Because in the modern factless world, an african doing that is more better than a white man building and sailing an ocean crossing carrack.
sam adams
Fri Jun 19 13:57:59
Hood and nekran will gleefully support the above.

Jergul will still be howling that the US will have 12.5% of the global economy, this time by 2035.

The planet will have warmed another quarter of a degree, and despite crop production hitting another all time high, seb and cuckhat will be crying that the world will end in 3 weeks.

Musk-bezos station, in low mars orbit, will celebrate the first 0-g birth.

I will be goofing off online as my tesla cybertruck drives me to work.
sam adams
Fri Jun 19 14:12:18
Bill belichick will retire with another 3 superbowl rings.
Fri Jun 19 14:18:02
I'll take that belichik bet any time, and give you 2:1 odds, sam
Fri Jun 19 14:26:07
Chances are I won't be here.
Fri Jun 19 14:28:22
The Donald will be in the middle of his fourth term in office.

Amazon has been nationalized and promptly re-privatized with Ivanka as the majority shareholder.

SJWism has ceased to be an influential force after the majority of its adherents died from the stress of being outraged all the time.

This place will be shut down by TC's ISP after Dukhat goes on twreddit and flags us a center of hate speech.
Fri Jun 19 14:30:48
"I will be goofing off online as my tesla cybertruck drives me to work."

So you are who that was marketed to.

"Hood and nekran will gleefully support the above."

I have to admit I would like for your country to be named "lakwandala click clack".
Fri Jun 19 14:55:55
I smoked some weed for the first time in Idk like 6 months.So I wasn't sure if that was actually that funny or I was just high but I cracked up at lawandala clicky clack.
Wrath of Orion
Fri Jun 19 14:59:53
"my tesla cybertruck"

You can't be serious about owning one of those. It looks like a Dalorian fucked the Moonwalker car and then had a waterheaded retard baby because it smoked, drank, and did opioids every day before giving birth.
Wrath of Orion
Fri Jun 19 15:01:25
*DeLorean, too. Not sure how that happened.
sam adams
Fri Jun 19 15:09:23

I could care less what it looks like. If it can use electricity, autodrive on an interstate and carry a 3000 pound payload for 50 grand im all in.
Wrath of Orion
Fri Jun 19 15:52:13
I get utility over aesthetics, and usually I'd be there with you, but that thing is just so ugly. The results of catching a view of myself driving it are too ghastly to comprehend. I'm assuming I'd suffer some kind of medical crisis and die, but at least the thing would autodrive me to my destination I guess. Where it's appearance would then kill someone else?
Renzo Marquez
Fri Jun 19 15:58:38
2030 will be fatter and gayer. those are the only two certainties.
Fri Jun 19 18:33:21
Population will grow by a couple billion. If we don't have a world war first.

The planet will have approximately one billion over 65.

Urban spread will be enormous.

Orbital space junk will become a major problem.

Crime scene analysis and capture will be hyper fast.

Depression will probably be the number one disease.

Be Happy!
sam adams
Fri Jun 19 19:12:42
"The results of catching a view of myself driving it are too ghastly to comprehend. I'm assuming I'd suffer some kind of medical crisis and die, but at least the thing would autodrive me to my destination I guess. Where it's appearance would then kill someone else?"

Hah. Thats funny.
Fri Jun 19 22:34:21
We will reenslave the blacks or require tests before people can be allowed to vote which the majority of blacks wont pass.
Fri Jun 19 22:36:45

Fri Jun 19 23:58:02
Elmer Fudd will get his gun back.
Average Ameriacn
Sat Jun 20 04:34:43
Ivanka Trump will be President of the USA.

Hillary will have been executed for Benghazi.

The wall at the Mexican border will be finished by 2026, one year later the war on drugs will be won.

USA will have a trade surplus with China.

EU will be part of Africa.

The G7 nations will be USA, Israel, Brazil, UK, Australia and Taiwan.

Mars will be a US colony with a population greater than 50 million (all white because tickets are not for free).
Sat Jun 20 04:44:39
"USA will have a trade surplus with China."

False. You cant have a trade surplus with a crater.

Very good other than that though.
large member
Sat Jun 20 05:14:06
Most of these post indicate the temporal awareness of a goldfish.
Sat Jun 20 12:25:36
Norway will have legalized sexual assault by migrants against white women/girls. Arabic will also have become an official national language.

Sir Anders will still be the best thing to have come out of your country in the last century.
smart dude
Sat Jun 20 12:53:25
^whiny bitch
sam adams
Sat Jun 20 12:59:06
"Most of these post indicate the temporal awareness of a goldfish."

Ok 12.5.
large member
Sat Jun 20 14:49:41
I already declared a win on that one. The shutdown really fucked economies heavily dependent on service sectors.
large member
Sat Jun 20 14:50:30
Remember that it only had to be 12.5 at any point prior to 2020 for me to win on a technical knockout :D.
large member
Sat Jun 20 14:58:26
Shall we say Sunday, the 26th of April 2020 to fix a date?
Sun Jun 21 00:20:58
This post is very coronavirus focused. I don't think the day to day effects of coronavirus will be huge in 10 years, but I do think the changes happening today will ripple. I use the assumption that coronavirus recurs seasonally as my jumping off point without claiming it will actually recur. IANA virologist, AMA.

Bleak takes:

Outbreaks of the coronavirus recur seasonally. This leads to:

- Permanently reduced travel demand. The 2010s Instagrammed trip to Angkor Wat will seem as ridiculous to people in 2030 as 1980s hairstyles seemed in 1991. Travel industries suffer accordingly. Almost all airlines revert to partial state ownership. Air travel reverts towards historic prices when volume never recovers.

- Society develops a well-oiled machine for enacting hotspot lockdowns. Personal privacy is severely eroded as a consequence. When users are reticent to install tracking apps voluntarily, ISPs and wireless carriers update their terms of service to collect this data from all network-connected devices.
Users are free to vote with their wallets by not purchasing cell phone and internet service. Only rooted phones have an airplane mode.

- Devastation of the "sell people tacky shit" industries. Many consumers who hit pause on buying tacky shit during the initial coronavirus lockdowns never resume old consumption habits. This has a huge impact on the economy, which we realize was apparently just a house of cards based on selling each other shit we didn't need the whole time anyway.

- Amazon becomes the first company with a two trillion dollar market capitalization (lol @ Aramco).

- The collapse of American cities, which enter negative feedback loops as their thinning tax base leads to less adequate public services.

Less bleak takes:

Outbreaks of the coronavirus recur seasonally. This leads to:

- 100% normalization of full WFH for white collar employees. Some companies initially resist the idea but find themselves uncompetitive in hiring top tier candidates.

- With widespread WFH removing the incentive to pick a state for a better job, one of the biggest drivers of interstate immigration disappears overnight and Americans are left to decide how to fill the void. On average, people stay closer to where they were born. This, combined with the abysmal performance of nursing homes during the coronavirus crisis, leads to a reversion to historical practice of adult children caring for elderly parents.

- Intentional demographic shifts become a thing. After statehood bids for DC, Puerto Rico, and the proposed splitting of California all fail, some affluent former city dwellers begin colonizing interior areas of the country with high voting leverage. This effect, combined with existing demographic trends, leads to nearly every purple state breaking blue by 2030. The advantage of the Republican party in the Senate and the electoral college is largely erased.

- the population outflow from cities causes drastically lowered rents. While cities become worse in most metrics (crime, transit, quality of life, life expectancy, education), the cheaper rents allow cities to become weird again. Though you are more likely to get stabbed while cutting through Tompkins Square Park, the East Village once again becomes capable of hosting punk music venues.

Other takes later, maybe.
Sun Jun 21 00:27:37
Oh, also:

Stonks only go up and all equity action is revealed to be totally uncoupled from economic reality. Dow breaks 40000 by 2023 regardless of the state of the economy. The market is dominated by yolo bets as decades of theory about the proper valuation of securities is abandoned. Faced with near zero long term interest rates, there is no real alternative to investing in equities.
Wrath of Orion
Sun Jun 21 01:36:03
It will be a world ruled by bacteria in 2030 due to Giant Meteor 2024.
Sun Jun 21 02:06:46
We died collectively in 2016. In 2012, the year of Trayvon Martin, bathsalts cannibals, and John McAfee's Ascension to godhood, the apocalypse was upon us.

Harambe died in an effort to erase our sins, but he rejected him. As a result, chaos won and life ended.

We're now echos, remnants of the mass extinction of humanity, living out a twisted illusion in the warp as we fade.

But the God Emperor, Trump, may yet save us. If by 2030 he has gathered enough strength through the devotion of his follower around this imaginary globe, he may usher in a golden age for all.
Sun Jun 21 02:08:09
God bless you Harambe
Sun Jun 21 16:35:13
Forgot Trump-related predictions. Lol at anybody who thinks he'll win in 2020.

He loses to Biden, who gets >300 electoral votes and wins the popular vote by >5 million. Biden goes on to be a forgettable one term President who is succeeded by another Democrat. He is remembered fondly for ridding us of Trump nonetheless.

Trump sadly does not make it to 2030. He dies in prison in 2028 from complications related to being an unrepetent lard ass. Tiffany and Barron - those members of his family who both still live in the US and are not themselves in prison - mark the occasion by issuing a joint statement along with Melania and her husband. Trump does not receive a state funeral.

In 2030 it will be impossible to find a Trump supporter. Everybody will have been against him all along.

The right wing Trump memers move on to other deplorable pastimes without learning anything at all. Their revolution never comes, they grow old and gray, and the world leaves them behind.
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