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Utopia Talk / Politics / Wtf Canada?
Fri Jun 19 13:01:37
The lawsuit, launched in Toronto on Thursday afternoon against the Canadian Hockey League, the Western League, the Ontario League and the Quebec League, was brought forth by Daniel Carcillo and Garrett Taylor. And the allegations are explosive and disturbing.

According the lawsuit, players in the class were, among other things, forced to masturbate in front of teammates and coaches and forced to sexually assault teammates, to consume saliva, urine, semen and feces of other players and to sexually engage with animals. It is also alleged that players had heavy objects tied to their genitals, had their genitals dipped in irritants and toxic liquids and had objects such as hockey sticks, brooms and food forced into their anuses. It is also alleged that players were forced to consume large amounts of alcohol and illicit drugs.

Fri Jun 19 14:06:48
Just part of the game. Locker room banter and such. People are so PC these days.
Fri Jun 19 15:38:18
CR you would make a good public spokesman. The "and such" was a nice touch, now you can tie forced semen swallowing and beastiality to mere locker room talk. Well done.
Fri Jun 19 17:02:13
Im more shocked that a Swede was so shocked about this. I feel like that's common out there, probably take compared to soccer teams.
Fri Jun 19 18:05:49
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