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Utopia Talk / Politics / How to help the poverty problem (US)
Sun Jun 21 20:11:17
Well, there are so many tjings we could be doing or we could stop doing but lets just start with these.

1. We lock way too many people up in the US. This is not even arguable really. So to start we need to federally ban profiting off of jails. Not only is it morally wrong its drastically increasing poverty and probably crime.

2. This is an extension of the first but civil forfeiture shouls also be banned, its literally legalized robbery with no due process, thwy get arpumd the constitution by charging the crime against the property instead of the owner.

3. Reforming child and spousal support. For starters we literally lock people up for debt, something out founding fathers railed against. To top it off they will not give you more than 6 months in jail max, why not 6 months and 1 day? Because than they wpuld.be required to allow a jury trial.

Also if the.payee starts makimg.more.money, by should that person uave to pay more? All that does is incentivize them to not make more or to hide it.

3. We then penalize these people whom have been to jail likely for a crime they did.not commit for ever. They get fewer jobs, hell we even bar then often from social services.... Think about that, we give charitable aid to our enemies such as food and medical.supplies but not to people who have eithwr made a mistake or whom have been bombarded by the clusterfuck we call a legal system?

Then lets talk housing and predatory loans. Im generally in favor of a lightly regulated market, however to have a free market we must have a referee to enforce certain rules, why we lack basic usury laws at the federal level, I dont know.

Just a start to my rant.
Average Ameriacn
Mon Jun 22 09:52:16
Hard work.
large member
Mon Jun 22 09:56:46
Judicial reform
Penal reform
Police reform
Tax reform
Depenalize previous felony convictions (mass pardons would be the simplest way to turn a new sheet).

Increased public spending on critical services
Employment market reform
sam adams
Mon Jun 22 12:26:15
Emphasize useful education qnd intelligence, instead of whining activism and fuzzy studies.
Mon Jun 22 12:40:23
-Reducing corporate tax rates
-Reducing regulatory and administrative burdens that hinder startups and new projects
-Expanding right-to-work laws
-Allowing states wide latitude to set their own economic policies (the marketplace of ideas)
-Expanding charter schools and technical colleges to enhance education opportunities
-Enacting protectionist policies / withdrawing from free trade agreements
-Easing zoning/building restrictions that prevent developers from bringing new homes to the market

Basically, a mix of classic Reaganite policies and platform positions from 1970s-1990s labor Democrats (now known as Trumpian economics :))
Mon Jun 22 12:44:59
- kill Habebe and people like him who are useless to society.
Mon Jun 22 12:45:22
Mon Jun 22 13:45:54
Dakyron, Bring it on hobo torturer.

Rugian, We have fairly low Corporate tax rates. Im not saying to raise them but they seem at a decent rate to me.

Now I am in favor of targeted tax/ deregulation.

For example, fracking. I support more.fracking. However we all can agree it has its hazards so I would suggest a flexible tax to cover the expense of mitigating and cleaning up the damage caused by fracking, this would also financially incentivize companies to mitigate there damage caused.

Also I'm not sure unilaterally backing out of free trade in lieu of protectionist policies is always good. Individual situations call for individual treatment.
large member
Mon Jun 22 14:29:21
"US Oil Rig Count is at a current level of 199.00, down from 206.00 last week and down from 789.00 one year ago"

Fracking is corporate charity. To combat corporate poverty I guess.

Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you mean humans in poverty, not legal persons.

To keep legal entities out of poverty. Just keep on bailing them out with trillions of uncovered dollars. That should to the trick.

It has worked so far.
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