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The Children
Tue Jun 23 01:05:40

lmao caught redhanded. this is how ur country basically handles shit on the world stage. they resort 2 all kinds of low handed tactics like a spoiled toddler stampin his feet.


so here is da story.

so russia and usa have a meetin set up about arms.

before the russians arrived. the americans arrived first. they then set up chinese flags on the tables the russians r supposed 2 sit.

took plenty of pictures and pretended that china didnt show up 4 a meetin when in fact china never had a meetin scheduled.

before they were finished the russians arrived and saw what they did and objected.

the pics of course got send into social media 2 pretend that somehow china is doing evil shit and didnt attend.

luckily the truth was quickly given by russia and host country austria...

toddler america
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