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Utopia Talk / Politics / Change your name, Phuc Bui
smart dude
Tue Jun 23 08:07:30
American college professor at Laney College in Oakland requests his Vietnamese-American student, "Phuc Bui Diem Nguyen," to Anglicize ber name because it sounds like "Fuck Boy."

She said the request was racist, and he doubles down and said if he was in Vietnam and his name sounded like "Eat a Dick," he would change it.

LOL. My new hero. He apologized over the controversy, surprise surprise.

"I never heard that before," said Phuc Bui. "At that moment I was surprised, so I Googled the meaning -- I didn't know what it meant so I called my best friend to ask him what does that mean?"

This is a lie. What fucking American college student wouldn't catch the hilarity of a name a


smart dude
Tue Jun 23 08:08:31
*a name like "Phuc Bui?"
smart dude
Tue Jun 23 08:11:49
So did the dumb bitch Google it or did she call her "friend." Can't even get her story straight in a single sentence.
Tue Jun 23 08:31:31
She should thank him for pointing out an alternative career.
Tue Jun 23 09:59:54
Well, the US had a vice president with the name Dick. No one asked him to change his name.
The Children
Tue Jun 23 10:12:38
racist whiteys reveal themselves at tht moment.

phuc bui has no meaning even near "fuck".

it just the sound of it for anglo scums and only anglo scum make such fuckin stupid jokes about it.

nowhere else.
smart dude
Tue Jun 23 10:21:44
"Anglo scums"

-British guy
Tue Jun 23 10:37:22
I would just contimie to call her fuck boy I my amusement.
Tue Jun 23 10:37:54
He prefers ”aspiring chinese person”.
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