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sam adams
Tue Jun 23 12:07:07
Looters chant 'Allahu Akbar' during Stuttgart's worst ever riots that turned the city into 'a battlefield' - as police reveal those involved were 'mainly young people with a migration background'


Thanks seb.

Did you survive Daemon?
Tue Jun 23 12:51:53
Right on schedule! How very German (for now, anyway).

Tue Jun 23 13:23:47

I chuckled at the " Thanks Seb"
Wed Jun 24 02:36:01
"Did you survive Daemon?"
Yes and I have a new TV, too!!!

I partly blame Corona: with clubs and discos still closed (only pubs have reopened so far), many hang around in the streets and have no good idea how to "enjoy" themselves.

Automatic translation:
Many of the 25 arrested suspects from the night of the riot in Stuttgart were very drunk. The highest alcohol level of 2.34 per thousand was found in a 20-year-old, said Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) on Tuesday in Stuttgart. Four of those arrested had values between 1.26 and 2.08 per thousand, eight others between 0.64 and 1.1 per thousand, and eight others between 0 and 0.5 per thousand.

The Minister of the Interior said that no alcohol measurements could have been taken on four of the arrested. Further investigations into possible drug use are still ongoing. 15 suspects were known to the police - they had already been reported up to 24 times.

According to Strobl, the 25 detainees are between 14 and 33 years old. 15 of them live in Stuttgart, 5 elsewhere in the southwest. One arrested person is registered in Bavaria and one in Lower Saxony, three are without a permanent residence. Twelve arrested persons have a German passport, three come from Croatia, Poland and Portugal. Presumably one Latvian is also among them.

Nine of the arrested persons are reported to have refugee status. Among them are three Afghans and one Somali who are still in asylum proceedings. Two Iraqi suspects were recognised as refugees. One Afghan national is under so-called subsidiary protection. A Bosnian national is required to leave the country, but has a tolerance permit. The Somali suspect is obliged to leave the country, but could not be deported.
sam adams
Wed Jun 24 11:33:59

"Yes and I have a new TV, too!!! "

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