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Utopia Talk / Politics / Twitter openly warring with POTUS
Tue Jun 23 14:25:50
Donald J. Trump
"There will never be an “Autonomous Zone” in Washington, D.C., as long as I’m your President. If they try they will be met with serious force!
8:45 AM · Jun 23, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about abusive behavior. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible. Learn more"


Openly censoring the President of the United States for controversial yet acceptable positions...that's nice.

Meanwhile there are still people on here that deny that conservatives are subject to systemic censorship on social media (Katie Hopkins got banned from Twitter just last week, btw, making her the latest of many victims to share that fate).

230 needs to die asap.
Tue Jun 23 14:29:07
Who is kate Hopkins and what post got her banned?
Tue Jun 23 14:33:35
Controversial commentator Katie Hopkins has had her Twitter account suspended for violating its anti-hate policy.

The social media giant said the former Apprentice contestant had been temporarily locked out of her account.

Ms Hopkins has more than one million followers on the site and is known for her outspoken views.

US President Donald Trump has re-tweeted her on several occasions, allowing her to gain a larger global following.

Anti-racism campaigners have called for her to be removed from the platform, accusing her of using hate speech.

A spokesperson for Twitter said the firm was looking into the situation and was keeping Hopkins apprised at each step.

They said: "Keeping Twitter safe is a top priority for us - abuse and harassment have no place on the service."

They added: "These rules apply to everyone using our service - regardless of the account involved."

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As of Thursday evening, the account was listed but all her tweets had been removed.

The page still showed one re-tweet from another user accusing her of "incitement to racial hatred" for a post she made about British rapper Stormzy. That post appeared to be from late last year.

Twitter requires users to take down posts that violate the network's policies. Users are barred from posting again until the offending post or posts have been taken down by the user.

The social network did not comment on why all of Ms Hopkins's tweets have been removed.

Tue Jun 23 14:35:13
“ 230 needs to die asap.”

Is this where Fairness Doctrine Finally returns?
Tue Jun 23 14:38:38
TV is not the internet.
sam adams
Tue Jun 23 16:56:41
The lefts hatred of free speech is the most concerning thing coming out of this unrest by far
Tue Jun 23 22:34:48
Isn't the internet currently abound with memes about the most violent crushing of a US autonomous zone in history, because people hate statues?
Wed Jun 24 13:55:38
There is much worse than that on twitter all the time.

Trump's tweet is not even close to being worth censoring.
Thu Jun 25 00:11:15
Rugian is the new Hot Rod. Obsessive posting about inane things.
Thu Jun 25 01:26:31
But you are the same old Dickhat, obsessivly sniffing Rugians anus, posting stupid shit.
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