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Wed Jun 24 12:55:42
Ok, so I've taken Adderall since I was 12, and culvert before that since I was 7.

Now I normally take 30 mg twice a day instant release. Its been like 2 years since Ive taken it so I know the drill they start me off at 1 30 a day for a bit then bump me up to my normal 2 30s. 60 mg admittedly is alot but not an insane amount.

This doctors.office I wenr to today after watching me per ( having a female do that btw) and jump through hoops ended up giving me 10mg XR, the XRs suck, theyy last longer but give you half the oomph.

Now to make matters worse I know I'm going to come up hot for the urine. Nothing crazy I took 10mg ov Vicodin yesterday cause I re did a bathroom floor and toilet bending over and shit I was a little sore. I smoked weed like a week or two ago, but I took two hits and it was the only time in like years.

So now they are going to bust my balls probably. I realistically need these.to fully function, ake fun all you want im half retarded on my fathers side without them.Sttaying on one task, getting distraced...probably why I

Meth works well too, but if I have my Adderall I prefer to just take that, im getting too old for my crimial days.

The law needs to stay the fuck out of my Doctors office. Worst case scenario I think I can skip over to another doctors.office and HIPPA will protect me from sending the urine results.
Wed Jun 24 12:58:52
Mind you if she was going to watch I had to shit ( coffee loosened me up) so she watched me shit in that room.

Also, is it normal for a female.to watch a male? They domt eben do that in jail.
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