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Fri Jun 26 16:21:25
Case 1. The Swedish Folkhälsomyndigheten FHM (CDC) has largely written the Swedish Covid strategy and the Swedish government has followed. It is about a wholistic approach on harm reduction during covid. Whether this will in the end have paid off is unknown, but what is true is that the government is following the experts on this and they have said as much "if the FHM requests more, we are willing to do more", they have used this to deflect some criticism.

Case 2. Sweden has the highest drug related deaths in all of Europe. Consider that the Swedish police is putting a lot of resource on catching minor drug offenders (urine tests) and they have been making a record amount of these lately.

Earlier this year several parties (including the far left) request a commission to review the laws. The government was like "I don't think so".

Last month the FHM requested against the government line that the laws that govern drug possession be reviewed. The government have said, "just because the FHM has made this suggestion I am not changing my opinion", "there is no need to review" (minister of social affairs).

The silver lining here is that although reluctantly the government has commissioned the FHM to prepare a report. Though from the noises they have made thus far, it still looks bleak and far away.

We have some of the most draconic laws on drugs in Sweden where not only possession is illegal, but even having it in your system is illegal. And these laws are a fairly recent, cannabis was banned in 1988, in 1993 the laws were made stricter and as early as 2000 the crime prevention council concluded "the laws have no deterring effect". This little experiment has gone on for much longer than Covid, we know it has failed miserably causing much death and suffering.
Wrath of Orion
Fri Jun 26 16:22:48
Is the tldr version, "Sweden sucks?"
Fri Jun 26 16:24:49
Why wouldnt having drugs in your system be a prosecutable offence? That's simply possession on another level.
Fri Jun 26 16:29:28
Rugian, Testing is unreliable and usually its metabolites.
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