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Average Ameriacn
Sat Jun 27 10:17:26
An attack on Russia will be the October surprise, the victory will give Trump 4 more years!


Russian spy unit paid Taliban to attack US troops, US intelligence says

It couldn’t be determined whether Russian bounties paid to Taliban fighters resulted in any American combat deaths in Afghanistan.

WASHINGTON — A Russian spy unit paid members of Afghanistan’s Taliban movement to conduct lethal attacks on U.S. troops in that country, according to a classified American intelligence assessment, people familiar with the report said.

The assessment of the role played by Russia’s military intelligence agency, the GRU, in fostering attacks on American soldiers, comes as President Trump is pushing the Pentagon to withdraw a significant portion of U.S. forces from Afghanistan and as U.S. diplomats try to forge a peace accord involving the Taliban and the U.S.-backed Afghan government.

The intelligence assessment regarding Russia’s actions in Afghanistan was delivered to the White House earlier this spring, and until recently had been known only to a handful of officials, a person familiar with it said. Its contents were reported earlier Friday by the New York Times.

It couldn’t be determined whether Russian bounties paid to Taliban fighters resulted in any American combat deaths in Afghanistan.


The White House, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon declined to comment. Russia’s Embassy in Washington didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

At issue is a secretive unit of the GRU that, according to Western officials, has conducted sometimes clandestine lethal operations against Moscow’s adversaries. The same unit, they said, was responsible for the poisoning in the U.K. of Sergei Skripal, a former GRU officer who defected to Britain, and his daughter. Russia has denied involvement.

This story continues in The Wall Street Journal.
sam adams
Sat Jun 27 19:23:57
If true, russia should indeed be nuked.
sam adams
Sat Jun 27 19:26:08
At the very least a russian military plane with links to GRU should go missing some stormy night.

If the report is true of course. It came from the new york times, with an amti-trump tilt... so obviously a grain of salt is required.
large member
Sun Jun 28 01:04:48
Sounds like is might be coincidental bounties. GRU paying for US hardware. Taliban killing US soldiers one way to get the hardware. This getting spinned into a bounty for killing US soldiers.
Renzo Marquez
Sun Jun 28 08:41:38
Lulz. Amazing that people actually believe this.
Sun Jun 28 09:21:54
Force them into mines. Divert a river to drown them. Hang the remains for all to see for 5 years, every man, woman, child, dog etc.

Then have a song written about it. The next time some one acts up send musicians to remind them.
Mon Jun 29 02:03:04
Didn’t the US pay the Talibans to attack Russia in the 80’s?
large member
Mon Jun 29 02:59:58
Enabled, more than paid.

Which is perhaps another way of looking at GRU activity.
Mon Jun 29 06:56:46
Trump denies ever hearing about this. Which means he wasn't paying attention because he doesn't believe US Intelligence agencies.
Of course he has control of any records of any briefing where he might have been informed.
Anarchist Prime
Mon Jun 29 19:02:29

the stupid in this thread
Tue Jun 30 00:02:11
Far more recently than Afghanistan, we were arming jihadis and carpet bombed dozens of Russian mercs protecting an oil field we had no business being at.
sam adams
Tue Jun 30 00:06:23
The russian merc company we slaughtered were warned to back off and were mercenaries. If the russians want to upgrade to real soldiers... so be it.
large member
Tue Jun 30 02:35:23
But you were so upset when mercenaries were hung from the bridges of Fulladji sammy.
Sat Jul 04 11:58:32
Sat Jul 04 11:58:53
Sat Jul 04 12:13:26
^You have to admire the willingness of former GOP operatives to piss away their money just to get Twitter likes from the wokerati. That's all those ads are accomplishing after all.

Like most deluded anti-Trump Republicans, they confuse the momentary adulation they're getting with any sort of support for when they themselves want to run for office. Dumb MFers can't see how badly they're being used.
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