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Utopia Talk / Politics / Artistic freedom threatened in the USA
Tue Jun 30 10:38:37
Does it matter what the pizza looks like? It still taste like pizza and once you have eaten it, it will be in a disarray in your belly. Are they overreacting?

Little Caesars fired two employees after a couple found a swastika made of pepperoni on their pizza

(CNN)An Ohio couple say they were shocked and disappointed when they opened their ready-made pizza to see pepperonis arranged in the shape of a reverse swastika Saturday.

"Things like this are keeping hate alive in this world," Jason Laska told CNN. "We all need the exact opposite of that right now."

Laska said he was on his way home from his mother-in-law's house when he stopped to pick up dinner for his family. He says he grabbed a "hot and ready pizza" from the warmer at Little Caesars in Brook Park, Ohio, about 14 miles south of Cleveland.

He got home, ready to dig in when the couple opened the box and say they found the symbol on their pizza.

"We were literally silent for a few moments," Laska said. "Misty (his wife) asked me if I had ordered it and they had to make it and they gave me that on purpose thinking they were targeting me because they stereotyped me or something."

Laska said he tried to call the store prior to 10 p.m., close to closing time, but says their line was busy.

"That's when we posted to social media, wanting to express our anger and show our family and friends what kind of place it (Little Caesars) was."

Two employees admitted responsibility and were immediately terminated, Jill Proctor, a Little Caesar Enterprises spokeswoman, told CNN in a statement Monday.

"We have zero tolerance for racism and discrimination in any form," Proctor said. "We're deeply disappointed that this happened, as this conduct is completely against our values. We have also reached out to the customer to discuss this personally with him."

While he says he's glad Little Caesars reached out to him and acknowledged the wrongdoing by taking swift action, Laska said he isn't entirely satisfied, but hopes the former employees learned a valuable lesson through the ordeal.

"This is an example of what needs to change in our world," he said, "And we hope that people start to realize that and use their time to make those changes and not blast us for trying to do it."

Wrath of Orion
Tue Jun 30 11:03:36
If Rugian isn't a hypocrite, he'll be in here supporting the employees and going on about suppression of their free speech. But, well, Rugian is a hypocrite, so...
Tue Jun 30 11:05:34
It's called consideration bro. The day Twitter starts paying me $200,000 a year to work for them is the day they're welcome to fire me for denigrating their image in public.
Tue Jun 30 11:09:04
I'd be curious to learn how you consider that situation to be identical to throwing the President of the United States off your platform though.
Tue Jun 30 11:33:33
"White Power."
Tue Jun 30 13:27:50
Oh noooooooo, some minimum wage dudes either:

-fucked up their inside joke with each other, or
-made a pizza with a shitty joke and didn't think the couple would fucking REEE so hard it made national news, and tried to pass it off as employees fucking with each other
Tue Jun 30 15:09:10
Did anyone see the pizza? That is not a Nazi Swastika.

That is a Hindu Sauvastika.
Wed Jul 01 01:02:08
Maybe, but people has the right to be offended nonetheless.
Wed Jul 01 01:41:19
Why offended? Annoyed? Yes whonwanta all the pepperoni that close totally missing several slices, let them keepnthebpizza and give them a $20 gift card.
Wed Jul 01 02:55:29
For the Navajo the symbol represents the rotation of life and is a holy symbol.

I'm with Habebe they should be more pissed about the pepperoni being all bunched up no matter the shape it made.
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