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Utopia Talk / Politics / Ok. The US went to far
Fri Jul 03 00:41:21

Well we all know Im no fan of Venezuela. And for that matter Iran either (Iran I have less disdain for)

But its one thing to place sanctions, but you camt just sieze ships without a declaration of war.

Idk, this just doesn't sit right with me. I mean declare them an enemy of the state, surroumd the country, blockade them whatever, but thisnjust seems shady without an open declaration of some sort.

And wtf is up with Guidao , he has no plan? Hosnpeople are starving and he has done nothing but gain support. Which is good, but whats thenpoint if you don't do something with it.
The Children
Fri Jul 03 01:13:53
its a warmongerin dirtbag country run by toxic racist white peoples who think they run the world.

do u expect anything different.
smart dude
Fri Jul 03 01:30:27
On the other hand, you would starve without America. How else will you get your Doritos?
Average Ameriacn
Fri Jul 03 01:56:19
We do because we can. And the UK is our ally


A British judge refused to hand over nearly $1 billion in gold to Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro Thursday, citing that the United Kingdom does not recognize him as the legitimate president of the country.

The socialist leader has demanded access to the funds currently sitting in a British bank to aid with the crippling effects of the coronavirus pandemic and U.S. sanctions. But the U.K. government, who recognizes Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s legitimate ruler, has refused to hand over any funds to Maduro’s administration.
The Children
Fri Jul 03 02:13:07
uk has no business playin imperialist and warmonger.

this shithole needs 2 tryin 2 decide whats needs 2 happen in other countries and start lookin 2 build there own country.

this place has turned into a shithole and all these toxic whiteys do is pretendin they still rule the world.

Fri Jul 03 03:23:54
AA, See that's iffy. There is clearly a dispute between whonos the legitimate head of state.

I do, I'm on the fence. I mean on the one hand Im all for maximum pressure. On the other my stomach literally clenched when I read they tried to takenthe ships and called it civil forfeiture.

I'd feel better if we declared Maduro an enemy of the state and just full out forced him into exile or something.

This just feels wrong in my gut/conciense.
Fri Jul 03 03:24:48
"citing that the United Kingdom does not recognize him as the legitimate president of the country"

But the majority of the Venezuelan people recognize him as the legitimate president. That is what matters. His party won the election after all.

Not returning the gold is plain and simple thuggery.

Perhaps the UK has already spent all of Venezuela's gold, so there's nothing left, and that's why they won't or can't return the gold to Venezuela.
Fri Jul 03 03:41:25
Paramount, There is a legitimate dispute for the title of who is charge.

But they seem to want there cake and to be able to eat it too.

They don't want to look like regime changers /nation builders so they want 9/11 (73) but they want him out.I feel like they have to make a decision ome way or another.

Seizing ships that are not owned or posing a threat , outside of ones territory? To me that os am act of war.
large member
Fri Jul 03 03:47:22
This is clearly Trump demonstrating his fuzzy understanding of property rights. He has been a great fan of Eminent Domain forever.

What's not to love about getting the State to take stuff and often give it to him?

Maximum pressure entails stuff like a gasoline embargo. Usually just done by making it almost impossible to trade with Venezuela.

This is just a little tiny bit more blatant than 3rd party sanctions.
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