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The Children
Sat Jul 18 14:49:35
another triple AAA, motherfuckers.

game is pretty, what a time 2 be gaming.

resident evil 3
last of us 2
and now again MASTERRACE!!!

playstation domination!
Wed Jul 22 06:23:41
How far into the Playthrough video have you gotten?
Wed Jul 22 07:32:54
I'm in Act 2. It's a good game.
smart dude
Wed Jul 22 09:22:12
ps has some good games. switch has some good games. thank god I can afford both systems. dont have to be a child "durrr Sega is better than nintendo!" in 2020 because I dont need to blame my poor working class parents on only being able to get one.

great thing about about being a real adult is you can buy basically whatever you want. salmon every day, for example
The Children
Wed Jul 22 10:15:14
what is act 2. u mean the upper island?

damn, u cleared every side quest already.

ur rushin, i think. i culdve been on act 2.
im just takin my time and explorin everything.

i love the swords play.

Wed Jul 22 10:37:52
Act 2 is after you rescue your uncle.

I didn't complete every side quest, but I did most of them. Unlocked all the stances, had every ghost weapon but 1, got all the armor that was available, and my charm unlock was 1 from max. Also unlocked the legendary strike.

Since starting act 2, I finished all act 1 Archer quests and revenge quests, unlocked the rest of the ghost abilities, unlocked the dance of wrath.

The sword play is good, but chain assassination is where it's at. A rooftop perch + firecrackers + chain assassinate is heavenly. I also have found that the only stances I need are stone and water. The stab from stone stance is good against brutes and spears, which only leaves water stance for staggering shields.
The Children
Wed Jul 22 10:44:26
lol i got more shit than u.

i have longbow, samurai armor, ronin armor, toyishima armor, i have all the stances, all the ghost weapons, all charm spots but last 1, legendary strike, and yea u dunt need all stances.

u can just dodge the spears and counter attack.

Wrath of Orion
Wed Jul 22 10:49:03
You mean the streamer you're forced to watch online has more shit than him.
Wed Jul 22 11:32:31
^Exactly, I don’t believe for a second that TC bought this game.
Wed Jul 22 13:27:57
Ronin armor and samurai armor are like, instant rewards. I did forget to mention the long bow and bow armor, however. I do have those. Those were also very early finds.
Wed Jul 22 13:43:35
And for all non-plebs:

My favorite part of the game is actually the seas of flowers you find along the countryside. It might not be comparable to real natural beauty, but it's probably the best representation of it I've seen in a video game before. It's especially noticeable when the wind picks up; you can actually see waves within the flower field.
The Children
Wed Jul 22 14:01:42
da scenery is best in da game.

graphically, its below uncharted and way below last of us 2...

the characters look like shit and they actin is very much gettin used 2. its definitely a big step behind last of us 2 but still lightyears ahead of anything switch and crapbox.

but where they shine is da scenery. and da light effects with night and day and the sun piercin through da forests...

Wed Jul 22 17:28:43
Just found the field of the equinox flower. Red spider lilys. Beautiful.
Thu Jul 23 09:25:52
I don’t have the time to play all the games anymore. I’m a grown up adult now. I’m not 12 anymore.
The Children
Thu Jul 23 09:48:25
act 2, got 2 gosuka keys, sword is 1 level from near max.

the sniper bow near max, 1 or 2 levels.
the normal bow maxed.

The Children
Sat Jul 25 10:14:33
gosaku armor maxed (best armor inda game???)
dance of wrath
7 resolves
just 2 more fox shrines for my max charms...
moon stance maxed


stealth kills 2 easy. tc dunt even do that no more.

i just rush in and kill all. standoffs 3 kills is da best.
Sat Jul 25 10:59:18
call me when you standoff 5 kills, babe.
The Children
Sat Jul 25 11:52:54
max is 3, so ur bullshittin.

The Children
Sat Jul 25 11:53:50
it maxes at 3 in the menu when u unlock it, so ur obviously bullshittin.

Sat Jul 25 14:41:25
Or you haven't gotten the armor that adds 2 to max standoff when fully upgraded. Go see Yuriko.
The Children
Sat Jul 25 15:43:51
gosaku is mythical armor.
it gives massive benefits to health and resolve.

gosaku >> yuriko puny armor.

whose yuriko again? i kinda 4got.
Sat Jul 25 16:14:25
The Sakai estate servant. You get the Sakai Clan Armor from her. Increased health, damage, standoff streak. And it looks badass in black.
The Children
Sat Jul 25 16:23:40
i said MASSIVE benefit to health and resolve.
The Children
Thu Jul 30 02:47:41
so yea needless 2 say i am not full time on this game like i was with last of us 2...

still im beastin it right now.

i have kojira armor maxed out, gosaku maxed out, sakai armor maxed out.
8 resolves, inaris charm, and i have all stances maxed out except for the spear one (2 more).

i tested gosaku and sakai armor myself in game.

gosaku is definitely SUPERIOR.
sakai is good for standoffs when ur runnin through da field killin random bandits and mongols.

but against big fights, u want gosaku.

i tested it on masako myself.
with gosaku it was noticably that i took lesser damage despite both armor saying " massive health increase"

also the massive staggerin bonus on gosaku prevented her from spammin coz she was gettin staggered more easily.

while da melee damage boost on sakai was negligable on big bosses like masako and kojira.

stand off speaks for itself, useless against big fights.

i also tested kojira armor, needless 2 say she downed me in 3 hits...

so i say when runnin down da fields, i use sakai armor either black (special dye) or white or gold lookin badass.

and when in camps and for big missions, switch 2 gosaku.

Thu Jul 30 03:13:36
Who gives a shit about the consoles. Everything's coming to PC. Play it with the best settings and the ability to skip forward through shitty parts.
The Children
Thu Jul 30 03:42:45
lolz is this peasant for real?

which playstation exclusive u playin on pc.
if u lucky, and it does get ported 2 pc by Sonys grace, u will be playin it 5 years later like horizon zero dawn.

everyone and there mom had finished that shit ages ago includin the dlc and enjoyed the crap outta its graphics and amazing dino bots gameplay.

u and ur peasants r only gettin a taste of playstation power at the same time we r playin horizon 2 already.

butbutbut pc...ur PEASANTS, understand. we r masterrace.

pay 2000 for a gamin rig that cant even play our games or play our games 5 years after we finished ours...

The Children
Thu Jul 30 03:47:14
bloodborne, horizon zero dawn, uncharted 4, last of us 2, spiderman, ghost of tsushima, ff7 remake, dreams, days gone, infamous, the last guardian, until dawn, god of war, nioh, jrpgs, yakuza, gran turismo, death stranding, detroit become human.

which one u playin nigga. WHICH ONE U PLAYIN.

lmao pay 2000 for a gamin rig only 2 run some shitty emulation of a SNES game or some shitty INDY game???


The Children
Thu Jul 30 03:51:08
ur 2000 gamin rig can do this?



The Children
Thu Jul 30 03:57:41
ur 2000 pc can do this?


The Children
Thu Jul 30 04:02:46
ur shitty 2000 gaming rig can do this?

ur pc is a potato.

The Children
Thu Jul 30 04:09:39
lolz 2000 gamin rig and stuck with doing 20 year old mugen games?

lol. PO_TA_TO.

Thu Jul 30 08:21:27
HZD, Detroit become human, Yakuza games, death stranding are all on PC, ya dumb fuck.
The Children
Thu Jul 30 10:19:13
ohhhh play it on peecee with slightly enhanced graphics...

but pay 5 times more than a playstation. lmao.

go get urself rekted.

The Children
Sun Aug 02 14:06:45
so where u at now, kid.

9 resolves.
ALL ARMOR MAXED, i have mongol armor
I have ALL weapons maxed.
I have flame weapon.
I have all stances maxed.
i have all samurai skills MAXED.
i have all mythic tales completed, this includes heavenly strikes, the 3 dash strikes, flame sword.

i have inaris charm, inari silence, inari charm upgraded, workin on final upgrade.

i have the blindfold that covers ur eyes so u look like one of those blind samurais from the old movies lol.

basically i dunt have anything left 2 max. i got all lol.

the fights r so easy nowadays.
i true parry the fight right in, counter kill 5 of them, enter ghost mode, destroy the rest.

they literally cant touch my samurai skillz lol.
leet gamer.
The Children
Mon Aug 03 10:23:18
yo i have literally found the best set up now. im practically a samurai god now, unbeatable.

here it is.

ghost armor, maxed.
- reduces enemy detection speed 40%
- ghost stance minus 2 kills
- 30% chance of terrify

charm of mizu no kami
parries, perfect parries end perfect doges r easier
charm of ikazuchi no kami
perks and abilities that terrify are 25% more likely 2 occur
charm of resistance 3
major damage reduction
charm of fortune 1
effects with % chance are 50% more likely 2 occur
charm of inaris might
increases health and melee damage by major amount
charm of resolve 2
25% more resolve gains

u also need samurai skills perfect parry and terrifyin parry.

with this setup, i can walk into any camp, get a few stealth kills 2 get ghost stance up.

then i can run around and round all them troops up, it dunt matter how many there r. 20, 30 or 50 men...

i am untouchable.

its about da terrify, bro. i a terrifyin god of samurai.

i have 30% terrify from my armor. i have 50% more terrify from my charm. so that right there makes it 45% terrify. correct?

i get 25% more terrify from my charm which turns into 37%, correct?
i now have 82% terrify effect whenever i kill 1 soldier.

then i have easier perfect parry and terrifyin parry from charm.
succesfully doin this gives me automatic terrify.

usin a ghost weapon, gives me automatic terrify.

and with 5 kills i get ghost stance which automatically terrifies everyone.

so heres what happens.

i run in. 1 sorry ass mongol tries 2 attack me, i parry his shit. he dies from my counter just like that (mass attack power).

3 of them falls down in terror or run away asap.
easy pickins from me. thats already 4 kills.

if i already had 1 spare kill, i wuld now have ghost stance. and they stand there like deers in headlights. i kill 3 more.

thats 8 kills in just 3-4 seconds.

now rinse and repeat. if im really fancy i culd do kunai and get 3 kills asap, 4 dudes collapses from fear, i pick 2 off, enter ghost stance again, kill 3 more.

man, i literally clean every mongol base within seconds. a true legendary god swordsman!

so sick, im unbeatbale.
The Children
Mon Aug 03 10:30:32
this is true god mode.

the way i see it is like this. if 1 mongol is standing near me while i kill his matey, there is 82% chance he gets terrified and either collapses from fear or runs away as fast as he can droppin his weapons.

if 5 of them surround me, 4 of them collapses.
like literally there knees wuld cave in from seein my god mode.

if 10 of them surround me, 8 of them collapses.

i am untouchable.

maybe it doesnt work like this, but i sure as hell see a lot of them cowards run away, whenever i get a kill or a parry, my god, literally untouchable. the rest of them just turn into cowards seeing my inhuman skillz.

pro gamer.
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