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Tue Jul 21 10:18:28
Gunman takes commuters hostage on bus in Ukraine, claiming he rigged it with explosives (PHOTOS)

Police and a SWAT team were called in after a man took people hostage on a bus in the city of Lutsk in western Ukraine. The perpetrator claims he has rigged the bus with explosives and planted a bomb in the city.

The suspect is armed and is claiming to have “many explosives,” the Prosecutor General’s Office said. Around 20 people are believed to be trapped on the bus.

The gunman is also alleging he has placed a bomb somewhere in the city and has the ability to detonate it remotely, officials reported.

The perpetrator earlier fired several shots from inside the vehicle, but no casualties have so far been reported.

The officers have cordoned off the immediate area, in the city center, and negotiations are underway.

Police have told reporters that the suspect had published a post on social media that criticized the authorities, the officers said.

They also cited a report that indicated “the terrorist” had been treated for mental illness in the past.

Deputy Interior Minister Anton Herashchenko revealed that the suspect is a man named Maksim Krivosh, 44. According to the minister, Krivosh spent around 10 years in prison after being convicted of several crimes, including robbery, extortion, fraud, and possession of illegal firearms.

Heraschchenko posted a photo of the suspect posing with a rifle and ammunition.

Heraschchenko previously said that the suspect called the police on Tuesday, introducing himself as Maksim Plokhoy. An account on social media under that name contains the same photo with the suspect posing with a weapon.

The account also contains a demand for several top Ukrainian officials and religious leaders to film videos, proclaiming themselves "terrorists under law." Another demand listed on the account is for President Volodymyr Zelensky to make a video address about the "2005 film Earthlings." It is apparently a reference to a 2005 animal rights documentary of the same name.

The suspect reportedly authored a book under the pen name Maksim Plokhoy (‘The Bad’). Titled ‘Philosophy of a Criminal,’ it was published by a local publisher. The book is said to describe his experience behind bars and thoughts on how criminals think. Ukrainian Channel 24 quoted a passage from the book as saying: “You can kill me but you cannot rehabilitate me… The only thing I cannot do is not be a criminal.”


Sidenote: Twitter and Youtube shut down his accounts. They are violating his free speech.
Renzo Marquez
Tue Jul 21 16:10:22
Tue Jul 21 18:58:54
You don't have a right to free speech on Twitter and Youtube. All you can expect is fair treatment within the rules they put in place.
Wed Jul 22 01:06:16
Okay, I will try to keep that in mind the next time Trump is being muzzled on Twitter :)
Wed Jul 22 01:11:45
” With all hostages free and the hostage-taker in custody, President Zelensky has deleted the Facebook video of himself complying with the armed man's demand to promote the 2005 film Earthlings featuring narration by Joaquin Phoenix. But here it is for posterity.”


So I googled Earthlings and it is appearantly a movie that will turn you into a vegetarian.

” This documentary shows 'behind the scenes' of what goes on behind closed walls, when it comes to our use of animals. Right from the beginning, harsh realities are shown onto the screen. It is hard to watch this movie, without feeling sympathy for the creatures that are born to be exploited. The message in this movie is strong and insightful. I highly recommend this for those who want to know the truth of how animals are treated. Every aspect of the animals lives are presented in this film. If it does not turn you into a vegetarian, you might, at least, think about it. This documentary may as well be up there as one of the best.”

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