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Utopia Talk / Politics / Peaceful Portland Riots 2
Thu Jul 23 06:13:32
"A large crowd in Portland, Oregon, tried to break into a U.S. courthouse and set the building on fire late on July 21 before being dispersed by federal officers"


Video of the incident is somewhere. Summery:

- lasers pointed at officers
- rocks thrown
- officers retreat inside
- rioters try to tear down plywood on doors
- riots then barricade the doors
- riots then try to light the building on fire

TW and hood being productive members of society, definitely no need to arrest anyone
Renzo Marquez
Thu Jul 23 07:05:52
"Terrorists would never use human shields or deception."
Thu Jul 23 07:18:02
Trump has declared war on Portland and his forces attacked Mayor Ted Wheeler.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who has called for federal agents to leave the city, was hit with tear gas after meeting with protesters outside the federal courthouse.

Wheeler told New York Times correspondent Mike Baker: “I’m not going to lie, it stings, it’s hard to breathe...and I can tell you with 100 percent honesty, I saw nothing which provoked this response.”

Wheeler added: “It’s an egregious overreaction on the part of the federal officers...it’s made people more angry.

“This is not a de-escalation strategy. This is flat-out urban warfare, and it’s been brought on this country by the president of the united states, and it’s got to stop now.”


This is WAR! Free Portland!
Thu Jul 23 07:34:36
” tried to break into a U.S. courthouse and set the building on fire ”

But they are only demanding justice and freedom from persecusion, oppression and indiscriminate killings of african-americans. They want the police and the military to stop killing them and attacking them. It is very reasonable demands.
Thu Jul 23 09:30:06
Portland mayor got tear gassed,while standing with rioters setting a bonfire.

Is it not illegal in Portland to light fires in the middle of the street?
Thu Jul 23 09:33:39
Clearly, the Mayor is above the law.
Thu Jul 23 09:50:57
Oh, addendum to OP:

In addition to trying to light the entrance on fire, they broke the doors and threw fireworks inside.

One of the suspects arrested had material for pipe bombs - mug shots for all those arrested last night can be found on Twitter @MrAndyNgo

So peaceful, with their knives and bomb making materials and high powered lasers
the wanderer
Fri Jul 24 15:13:05
i haven't said there aren't any criminals amongst the protesters

if you want to excuse police abusing many innocent people as some of the others are criminal, that's your choice

they have admitted to snatching people who aren't even suspected of anything

there are multiple reports of force measures taken w/o cause (including some on film)

and i doubt the moms were protecting an obvious riot force
Fri Jul 24 15:23:46
"But they are only demanding justice and freedom from persecusion, oppression and indiscriminate killings of african-americans."

Nah, that ended a couple of weeks ago or more.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jul 27 23:09:24
Fresh footage from Ami Horowitz, whoever that is:
[Daily Wire video; July 27th, 2020]
The first 1:30 was useful (actual video of "protesters" attempting to break the barrier into the Portland Federal Courthouse), but in the middle, Horowitz just baits people with loaded questions and edits out their complete responses. Some do say incriminating stupidity, but the full responses would still be nice.

At 3 minutes a black protester points out that the Portland BLM protests have been hijacked by non-blacks looking for short-sighted destruction who simply pretend to be working on their behalf. That should sound familiar: using identity politics to take offense on another's behalf.. subverting their actual goals in the process..
Cherub Cow
Mon Jul 27 23:09:28
Another report from an embedded journalist has some more insights, though it's similarly from a biased source (Shelby Talcott works for the Daily Caller):

"Reporter [Shelby Talcott] on the ground in Portland pushes back on ‘peaceful protest’ narrative"
[Fox News; July 27th, 2020]
TLDR: More of the OP situation: rioters spend the night antagonizing the federal building, attempting to set it on fire. Police and federal enforcement give the rioters warnings, then clear the streets.

It doesn't excuse police for individual acts of excessive force while clearing the streets, but the idea of protesters simply assembling peaceably and being attacked for nothing? Yeah, no.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jul 27 23:22:31
Shelby Talcott Twitter coverage:
One video ( http://twitter.com/ShelbyTalcott/status/1287323501427220480 ) shows federal officers and police surrounding a large section (maybe 100 feet) of downed fencing around the courthouse.

Her coverage is pretty good, actually. None of those edited clips that show out-of-context pushes by police. We get to see what protesters on the ground actually say. Lots of retarded stuff.
Cherub Cow
Sun Aug 02 06:54:33
Department of Justice, Oregon:
"Portland Man Charged in July 28, 2020 Arson at Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse"
"ATF investigators reviewed social media posts from the night of the explosion and located videos of the incendiary object being thrown. The individual depicted throwing the object, later identified to be Agard-Berryhill, was a young, Caucasian male wearing a green colored vest, camouflage pants, and a mask. Investigators observed the person in other protest-related videos posted online wearing the same vest and attempting to hold a shield in front of a naked woman."

Apparently, attempting to set fire to a federal courthouse can get you a minimum sentence of 5 years in prison. Who knew?

And he was identified (accidentally) by his grandfather on social media. I bet he brought his cell phone to the event and everything ;D
Renzo Marquez
Sun Aug 02 07:08:20
NSFW vid of vestclown shielding the whore:


Seems like she wanted nothing to do with him. He won't be seeing any more pussy for at least 5 years... but he might have a different view of blacks after they finish with his boipucci in prison.
Cherub Cow
Sun Aug 02 07:18:11
I don't think I've ever used the term.. but that must be the best example of white knighting I have seen.
Renzo Marquez
Sun Aug 02 07:31:18
yeah, definitely an overused term... but appropriate in this case
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