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Utopia Talk / Politics / American food industry is under attack
Tue Jul 28 03:54:38
"New government measures to help people shed weight include banning TV and online adverts for junk food before 9.00 p.m., ending “buy one get one free” deals on such foods, and flagging calories on menus of large restaurants plus possibly on alcohol."


It probably means that American companies like McDonalds are going to see a decrease in profit.

I know that Trump loves McDonalds http://images.app.goo.gl/wKQKj2FQWj7gzXru6 so I wonder if Trump is going to take some countermeasures against Britain now?
smart dude
Tue Jul 28 04:17:16
With his obsession with the US, Paramount turns a story that has nothing to to do with the US into something about the US. Typical and sad.
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