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Utopia Talk / Politics / Skewed sex ratios and human behavior
Tue Jul 28 18:01:38
This is very counter-intuitive I have to admit.


Men are more likely than women to be both
the perpetrators and victims of violence;
men typically engage in more risk-taking
and self-defeating behavior than women
do; and despite substantial variation within
the sexes, men on average are more sexually promiscuous, sometimes shying away
from long-term committed relationships in
favor of casual sexual relationships. So
what happens when there is an overabundance of men, relative to women, in the
population? Intuition might suggest that
rates of violent crime would skyrocket,
marriages would destabilize, and many
children would be born out of wedlock.
Intriguingly, however, the opposite has
been observed. When the population ratio
of men to women increases, homicide
rates drop, people are more likely to get
and stay married, and children are more
often born into intact homes [1,2]. What
explains these patterns?
Tue Jul 28 18:04:11
large member
Tue Jul 28 21:58:25
In this era?

Pandering to excitable men would cause escalations into nuclear war. Musk will try to escape to another planet. He will fail, but 1.2 million years from now, a spacefaring race will find his corpse slowly orbiting the car he sent into space.
Wrath of Orion
Tue Jul 28 22:26:29
Musk just better hope he doesn't end up in the cum and joke mines of mars.
Wed Jul 29 03:11:34
The key take away for me is that, if women are allowed to ”rule” (fewer women than men) the mating market, everything will be great, because women on average prefer monogamy. But if there too few men, then the men will fuck everything up, easily exited by being in low supply and high demand. Such sexual power goes to our head, fuck it, imma have 5 bitches instead of 1. Women won’t do this, on average.

We all want lower violent crime, but at what cost? I think most of us agree, to turn the planet into a giant sausage party, I choose violent death.
Wed Jul 29 03:26:03
The example mentioned of the African-American community, where some significant portion of men are in prison, depriving the mating market of males. This has a negative effect beyond the first order problem of my third baby daddy is in prison. It gives the men not in prison more power, and clearly men can not handle sexual power. As Chris Rock said, a man is as faithful as his options ;-)
Wed Jul 29 10:42:32
I think the author is extrapolating without proper connecting evidence.

Most places in the world with more women than men are shitholes, because the men have been dying violent deaths.

Places with more men have lower crime rates and less violence, resulting in more men staying alive.
Wed Jul 29 10:45:01
Plus, lets be honest here, places that are very safe tend to also be more welcoming of homosexuality and promiscuity.

Where the violent places tend to repress your sexuality, making everyone angrier.
Renzo Marquez
Wed Jul 29 10:48:03
This is a big part of why about 50% of black women have herpes. I'm not joking.
Wed Jul 29 11:09:55
Not how it works. There are more variables, that affect the prosperity of a society. So you try to isolate the specific variable you are looking at and see if that variable is significant. And you can do this in one country, over a period of time, or subsets of the population.

Here is the first reference, study done on Scotland compared to 142 other socities. A longitudinal study, i.e it follows the same individuals over a period of time.
Wed Jul 29 11:10:49
Wed Jul 29 14:17:48
"A male-biased sex ratio was associated with reduced mortality by intentional self-harm across 142 societies. This was replicated in longitudinal Scottish data, and men were less likely to die by suicide and assault when there were more men in the population only when levels of unemployment were low. "

See that caveat... "only when levels of unemployment were low".
Wed Jul 29 14:55:01
It is an important caveat because the theory isn’t that one thing explains everything, but that multiple elements contribute to the dynamic. But also because socioeconomic status is actually quite important for men to find female partners, though not the other way around.

My guess is that you are still thinking sex ratios on there own should account for everything. That can not be the case. If a country is at war or in an economic depression, experiencing high unemployment, those things would be more important as drivers of violence and even act as multipliers on an the increased competition created by the male biased sex ratio. So during relative prosperity the male biased ratio decreases violence, but during economic downturn, it makes it worse actually. Human societies are dynamic.

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