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Utopia Talk / Politics / India arrests journalists
Fri Jul 31 03:22:51
India arrests dozens of journalists in clampdown on critics of Covid-19 response

Facing a continuing upward trajectory in Covid-19 cases, the Indian government is clamping down on media coverage critical of its handling of the pandemic.

More than 50 Indian journalists have been arrested or had police complaints registered against them, or been physically assaulted.

The majority of those facing action are independent journalists working in rural India, home to more than 60% of the 1.35 billion population.

“The indirect message is that we cannot show the government in poor light. It does not matter if we have to turn a blind eye to issues we witness,” said Om Sharma, a journalist with a Hindi daily in Himachal Pradesh, a mountain state in north India. Police had charged him over a Facebook live report that showed stranded workers in need of food during the lockdown.


Is the USA and EU gonna impose sanctions and shit on India now? Or is that something they only do on Russia and China?
Fri Jul 31 04:06:58
God damn it Modi.

But yeah, that ain't cool something should be done.

But lets be honest and say that this is bad but not on par with say ouighers or HK.
The Children
Fri Jul 31 04:49:47
u fuckin idiot is still talkin crap about ughurs.

u seen the 100s of videos of ughur folk livin happily and freely that completely contradict every coldwarbullshit ur media and government is sayin.


fuck u bitch.

butbutbut 2 mill ughurs are locked up. do u know how many inmates america has over the entire country?

2 mill.

and 2 house 2 mill people, usa needs 6400 prisons and facilities.

6400, motherfucker.

do u know how ridiculous ur crazy government and ur media claims are when they constantly claim 2 mill ughurs are locked up.

u know they never have a source. crazy adrenz isnt a source. neither is crazy conservativethinktanknr500.

fuck u
Fri Jul 31 04:52:53
Tc, Much of it comes from YOUR government/media.
The Children
Fri Jul 31 04:58:50
the american lies, cheats and deceits.

WHAT MUCH OF IT. NAME THEM, motherfucker.

the fuck are u even babbling about.

Some fuckin whitey neocon sayin some "chinese government report stated" isnt a source, u stupid moron.

ur crazy government cant even read 2 words of chinese.

The Children
Fri Jul 31 05:02:59
did ur 70 IQ brain even watch the video.

theres no million let alone 2 mill ughurs locked up.

No source ever provided this other than a NED financed thinktank which based its estamate on 8 interviews.

so 8 people, assumin they all speak the truth and arent just haters and liars (i saw with my own eyes how iraqis threw babies down the buildin), 8 people claimin they all got locked up but a million sounds so pleasant doesnt it.

lololol which fuckin planet do u come from where u think some government dude orders people 2 lock up.

"how many sir"
"make that 1 million, son"
"why 1 million sir?"
"becoz it a rounded up number, it sounds so pleasant"

FUCK u and ur american PEA brain.


The Children
Fri Jul 31 05:05:11
even if they were locked up, which somehow magically they managed 2 escape unharmed, how do they know its actually 1 mill people across the entire region and not say 1000 people.

and they never were there 2 begin with. becoz they are paid actors talkin shit.

so noone ever escaped these highly guarded camps except for these magic 8 somehow.

FUCK U again.
Fri Jul 31 05:16:52
Your government/media is not in Chinese.You live in London.
The Children
Fri Jul 31 05:33:42
london is anglo lyin media. i havent read any frikkin anglo news since dailymail hid itself behind a firewall and ask me 2 disable adblocker.

FUCK that shit. bbc is untrustworthy, completely paid off and another anglo shill.

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