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Utopia Talk / Politics / BLM in +75% clown county
Fri Jul 31 21:15:37
it's exactly what you would expect.

Fri Jul 31 23:44:40
Facebook echo chambers. Rural areas are lost for a generation.
Sat Aug 01 01:00:11
And to be clear, if Dems want to be a permanent majority; they're going to have to win some racist people back. Not full-on super-racists in this video but kind of the casual racists that exists everyday because of human nature and habits built up over time.

Biden is going to win big time because older white people don't feel like he is a SJW telling them they are racists because they call asians orientals.
Sat Aug 01 01:25:31
lay off the dave rubin/ben shapiro garbage. the "SJW" trope is about as real as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. who is the voice of the "SJWs" in the democratic party? Sanders (i.e., Joe Rogan's guy)?
Sat Aug 01 01:51:45
I don't believe in Ben Shapiro garbage either but I've talked to enough old people to know that they buy this shit wholesale.

Racists have an electoral college advantage whether you like it or not.
Sat Aug 01 02:39:39
The best way to do that is to move the conversation on to other matters, not trying to dog whistle to racists apologetically. It will feel disingenuous and will go sort of like this:

"It's not racist to call an Asian Oriental"
"Hell yeah, and it's not racist to call a black man a coon!"
"Woah, yeah, it is"
Renzo Marquez
Sat Aug 01 05:14:12
How long would Y2A survive in a black neighborhood with a Hispanic Lives Matter sign? O/U=0.5 hours
Sat Aug 01 18:35:13
I'm was thinking of taking the under but from what I have seen when the drive-by happens Y2A will be fine and two or three other people somewhere in the vicinity will be hit. And Y2A might be quick and good at bob and weave tactics.

So I'll take the over.
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