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Utopia Talk / Politics / major stabbing incident in England
the wanderer
Sun Sep 06 02:07:34
in Birmingham

haven't seen details anywhere yet

I'll guess goblins or muslim(s)
Sun Sep 06 02:41:19
ā€ "Work is still going on to establish what has happened, and could take some time before we are in a position to confirm anything.ā€

So no one yelled Allah Ackbar then.

ā€ the stabbings "are said to have taken place in the areas of Snow Hill and about a mile away on Hurst Street in the Arcadian area, an area popular for its nightlife and social activities".

Iā€™m gonna guess a drunk Britt. Possibly a right-winger.
Sun Sep 06 03:25:57
Sounds like something gang related.
Average Ameriacn
Sun Sep 06 03:57:51
"multicultural night"!!!!!!!!!!!


A witness, Cara, told 5 Live she had heard racial slurs during the incident, adding that it was a "multicultural night" in the clubs near the Arcadian Centre.

She added: "They were not just having an argument and then fighting, it was straight into fists being thrown. There was not much talking going on.

"Drinks were being dropped, bottles that they had obviously bought in the club, rings were falling off so jewellery was going everywhere, clothes were being torn.

"One of the males actually ended up with his hair being pulled out and left with a bald patch."

Police said the response would be ongoing "for some time" and urged people to stay away from the area.
Sun Sep 06 04:19:27
If jewlery is flying off and people are left with bald patches, that is what I call a good fucking night.
the wanderer
Sun Sep 06 13:00:27
1 dead 7 wounded

no indication it was terror or gang related supposedly

based on 'multicultural night', i'll go w/ this guy:
Sam Adams
Tue Sep 08 15:01:32
Confirmed sebbish migrant. Lol. It never fails.
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