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Utopia Talk / Politics / jergul, here's how they do it in
Mon Sep 07 04:12:57
it in Maine. Thought you might enjoy
Mon Sep 07 04:14:27
LOL forgot to post the link

large member
Mon Sep 07 04:44:00
"putt-putt" Nice name for a two stroke engine. We call them volvopentas no matter the actual brand :).

I did enjoy. Thanks. We can make it political after a bit I imagine.
Mon Sep 07 08:17:28
Lobster fishing is already political Trump was up here a couple of months ago and made all sorts of promises. I guess now that the EU has dropped embargo or tariffs on Maine Lobster, everything is all good. They lost a lot of sales to China though. Canadian Lobster fishers have taken up the slack there I guess.
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