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Utopia Talk / Politics / someone ate a roadkill skank
The Children
Mon Sep 07 12:51:25
now theres a plague warnin in lake tahoe

do u have no shame yankeez, nottin is sacred anymo, u just eat and chow down everythin u see.?

Mon Sep 07 13:01:50
Projecting or jealous?
The Children
Mon Sep 07 13:17:48
how does roadkill soup taste like, kid.

Mon Sep 07 13:25:13
Chinese people garbage out of dumps. Chinese news outlets have reported on it.

There is a link in my civilized chinese posts.
Mon Sep 07 16:05:07
Honestly thought this was about some sort of weird zombie parasite/fungus/prion.

Am super disappointed it's about a bacteria that kills Chinese people every day.
The Children
Tue Sep 08 11:21:32
west nile virus appears in usa.

so is there any virus or disease that does not come from ur country?

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