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The Children
Tue Sep 08 16:44:07
huawei, tiktok, then came other wild accusations at other chinese firms.

all of it of course r lies. everyone knows. 5g, phones, routers it dunt matter what it is. motherboards, ibm story that got debunked by all the big us tech companies. it dunt matter what lies.

the truth is they build a giant spyin network, a digital american empire and they felt threatened by china.

so now, china proposes a world wide treaty:

Oops. all if ur country was truly committed 2 these from day one, u wuld surely agree and sign this treaty.


OOPS. check mate.

The Children
Tue Sep 08 17:01:38
whats up, biatches.

u just got xposed 4 what u truly are.
watch how this wont even be reported by ur media.

watch how ur country is gonna reject this usin some form of excuse.

the reality, they dunt give a flyin FUCK about any of this. watch them reject this. and then watch all da media not report on it.

Tue Sep 08 17:07:46
China made it common place to disregard WTO rules, why should we think this would be any better?

Samsung just got a huge US contract with Verizon to supply our 5g needs.

Plus Samsung has now refused to sell Huawei chips.
Tue Sep 08 17:10:53
Hell, look at HK if you want to see how good the word of china is.
The Children
Wed Sep 09 00:19:08
so u admit ur not gonna sign this becoz it was never about spyin or tech rules.

it was all about americas ability 2 keep on spyin.
Wed Sep 09 00:20:42
It was for the same reason China bans Google amd Facebook.
The Children
Wed Sep 09 00:24:42
da whole world is about 2 see ur double standards and hypocrisy.
kid, u got owned.

and btw neither of those shit companies r banned in china. so u literally got nottin but snake eyes.
The Children
Fri Sep 11 06:35:12
as expected, not a single whitey media mentioned it.

coz u got checked, suckas.

Fri Sep 11 10:57:14
The tone comes off more of China whining about having to face the consequences of being caught snooping around in the US. They have zero intention of ending their spying. They just want other countries to say hey we won't sanction your sorry ass when you get caught.

Sorry The Children but the reason the news in the US didn't give this any real coverage is it doesn't matter to us. We really don't give a shit about what some government official in China has to say.

A copy of the speech.
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