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Utopia Talk / Politics / Fla- Tied polls as Latinos lean Trump
Tue Sep 08 17:55:37

Not a huge surprise considering Bidens stance on China. Cuban Americans are probably the most anti commie group in the country, true Americans.
Tue Sep 08 17:56:59
Plus abortion/pro Christian ( Catholic)
large member
Tue Sep 08 18:01:12

For actual robust data.
Tue Sep 08 18:05:53
In your "robust polls" the only kne with an A rating ( actually A+) was the marist poll showing a tie.

So by your link, subpar polls compiled together give Trump the win 45/100 and Biden 55/100 to win.

But the most accurate poll says it's a dead heat.
large member
Tue Sep 08 18:07:44
Currently, Trump will win florida in 4500 universes of 10 000.

So 4500 habebes will be happy, and 5500 habebes will be sad.
Tue Sep 08 18:15:42
No, habebe is always sad....

Honestly I lean Trump heavy. But I also dont buy the narrative that my individual life will drastically change either way. Its not the end of the world.

So Ive been doing the 20 grams or less of carbs a day for like a month. Mostly from a mix of salad or green beans ( I love green beans) occasionally small amounts of blueberries ( 1/4 cup)

So this also means I've cut out booze. Well I had a beer leftover from our bbq yesterday ( fish , shrimp and salad) and I have a crazy buzz off of one beer!
Tue Sep 08 18:30:25
BLM and rioting and looting will push a lot of Latino voters to Trump.
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